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Toronto Catholic District School Board

We're not giving away the whole play but here's a sneak peak at the play being performed on April 22


Music playing in the background. (yall ready for this) Crowd cheering in anticipation. Suddenly the radio blares out, “ARE YOU REAAAAAADY?”
Announcer: Introducing in the black plastic bag, weighing in at over 380 000 tonnes  per year in Toronto. He’s smelly. He’s powerful …. He’s garbage!
Reporter: Mr. Garbage, why are you such a problem?
Garbage: Hey, you are what you eat. It’s not my fault I look, feel and smell so wretched. If you keep filling me with junk. I’m gonna smell.
Kid: Oh wait. Someone else is coming.
Music changes to some peaceful classical song (pachobel’s cannon)
Announcer: She’s flowing, she’s fragile. She’s a gift from God but she’s looking a bit worn out. It’s Mother Nature!
Reporter: Why do you look so tired?
Mother Nature: It’s tough always getting ignored and pushed around. I’m trying to care for this earth, but a lot of people just don’t care. Look at that pile of garbage over there and you know there’s a problem.
Kid: But isn’t it good to put stuff in the garbage. It means we’re not polluting.
Mother Nature: Yes that’s true but what would be even better is to reduce the garbage.
Kid: How do we do that?
Mother Nature: Ask those guys over there
Music changes to something that has the words money in it.
Announcer: They're rich, they love to make a profit. They're  nice guys but we’re not sure if the environment is number one on their list.
Kid: Wow, you sure have a lot of money.
Business man: You better believe that kid. Follow my lead and you’ll be wealthy one day as well.
Reporter: But I’ve heard you don’t care about the environment.
Business Man: That’s just not true. Look, my number one goal is to make a profit. I have to make a profit to survive. Some of you environmental people just don’t understand.
Mother Nature: Tell him about all the packaging you create.
Business Man: Yeah I create a lot of packaging, but it’s been reduced. You can tell by the garbage we produce. Look in 2000, we made over 900 000 tonnes of garbage in Toronto and now in 2014 it was down to 380 000. So clearly there is less packaging and less waste.
Mother Nature: Oh please. A big part of the difference in waste is because of the green bin and more products being recycled. Besides we still are sending 45 to 55 trucks s a day over 200 km to The Green Lane landfill with our garbage! What you did is not enough.
Business Man: Nothing’s ever enough for you. I'm sick of your whining. You want to rock.
Everyone starts screaming
Kid: Quick someone do something. Oh there’s someone
Announcer: She’s powerful. She’s friendly. She doesn’t seem to want to get involved in this issue. She’s the government.
Kid: Hey, Mrs. Government. Can you help the environment.
Government: Absolutely little girl. We’re prepared to do whatever it takes to take care of this important issue. And I guarantee you that there will be swift and certain action after we have some preliminary meetings.
Kid: Uh, o.k. What does that mean?
Government: It means that we’re prepared to do whatever it takes.
Kid: I know. You already said that. What are you going to do?
Government: Whatever it takes. Now run along little girl.
Kid: But you haven’t done anything yet.
Government: Shouldn’t you be in school?
Mother Nature: Hang tough kid. We need the government to help out in this issue.
Business: Back off kid, the government has more important things to do.
Reporter: I see a story in this.
Arguing breaks out again.
Announcer: Alright, Alright. That’s enough of that. There’s only one thing left to do and I think me and the kid here know what that is.
Announcer and Kid: 1,2, 3. To the magic school bus.
All Characters: Huh?!
Announcer: Haven't you ever heard of the magic school bus?
Characters: Uh, no!
Kid: Well just do the twirl.