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Please visit this page throughout the school shutdown if you're looking to stay engaged and learn. There are many options available for you - from daily reading, current events discussions, math in every day life to name a few. In addition, the school board is posting learning resources on their main page. This page will simply offer some extra suggestions that you may want to consider. We made a point to suggest that March break be left as March break, but as we move into the final week of March and start of April, it is recommended that your child find some time each day to continue their learning in a more formalized way. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions. Stay safe and keep that social distancing going as next to hand washing, it's been the number one suggestion out there.  

Updated - April 20  -

Distance learning is taking place fully via the classroom teacher now. Device requests have been submitted for those who have requested.

Parents, please, please, please let me know if you are not getting our weekly parent email. Lots of infomation on the weekly emails that help keep you in the loop.

Thanks to Ms. Stoner for her idea to recognize our front line heroes who are doing so much to keep the rest of us safe. Enjoy the pictures.



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Updated - April 5   

School board has provided an easy to follow snapshot of what distance learning will look like from now until May 1.

Speech Draft 2 info is pasted below

Our librarian has created a virtual library

Updated March 28 - The TCDSB has sent out to you by email  additional daily activities by grade that you can access from the main board page.

I have added a draft one speech below that you can share with your children. 


The Ministry has now provided their K-12 online resources in English and French.  The link can be found at:​

This website has learning suggestions from Scholastic Canada. Some truly excellent and engaging activities by grade level - even Kindergarten!

This one is from Pearson Canada. I haven't gone through this one in detail yet.

A website with math problems to solve from Gr. 3 and up

An example of some of the speech writing lessons that we did  with our Gr. 2, 3, 7 and 8 students. It can be used as a guideline for your child as we definitley hope to continue our annual public speaking contest once we return to school.  I have attached to this  initial mini lessons done with the students and a sample of some student brainstroms.

I did my plan on the blackboard for the students but just experimented with a program called Canva that you may want your child to try. I'm still learning how to use it but my plan is below

By next week, I will upload my speech as I work on my draft 1.

As promised here is my draft 1 on March 28.  Draft two will be up next week.

A great site for our older students and for you as parents that give current event articles of interest.

Various sites that you can access below.

Various Education sites.jpeg