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Toronto Catholic District School Board

As always, it was a journey to get to the final copy of our roof top picture, and if a picture tells a thousand words...


The journey started with a rough copy practice.




You'll notice our bags in the picture as we did this straight from the morning

bell including prayer, announcements and O Canada sung outside!


roof 2 web.JPG


Our rough copy was done but we knew there was more work to be done ahead

of the pros from Edge Imaging coming to take the real roof top picture.


roof rough.JPG


On the day of the picture, our students came dressed in red or white. You'll

see that colour makes a big difference if you compare it to the earlier pictures.


roof  3 web.JPG


It's always neat as the roof top picture starts to take form. Can you see the

outline as it's getting close to completion?


roof 4 web.JPG


Having a birds eye view from the roof always helps!


roof 5 web.JPG


And voila... our Master Piece is done. Of course there was still some

expert work to follow from the pros at Edge Imaging incuding air brushing

out the portable and adding some extra colour to our picture.

roof 6 web.JPG


And THAT's the story of our rooftop picture 2017. 


St. Sylvester Catholic School-001-00001.jpg

It took time and effort, but then it's the least we can do to help recognize Canada's 150th. We have much to be proud of as a Nation,  and much to still work on (Indigenous rights, poverty, the environment to name a few...) but then isn't constant improvement what life is all about?


Thanks to Mrs. Stoner for organizing the picture.


I wonder what we'll make NEXT year! Happy 150th Canada.