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There are few things more important in education than leading your own learning. Think about it -  if we want our students/children to become life long learners, than how much better would it be for them to reflect on their strengths and needs as a learner. If students can evaluate their own progress and identify where they need to improve, chances are the assessment process and the learning process will be much more authentic for them.


Ron Berger is an educational guru whose ideas our staff have embraced. Austin's Butterfly shared how to help students create quality work through kind, specific and helpful feedback. Berger also talks about how essential it is for students to take charge of their own learning is his book Leaders of their own Learning. My blog summary of the book and how it started our move to student led learning conferences is pasted below.


Students in Mrs. Liscio's Gr. 3/4 class have been working towards our first student led learning conferences.


You can see some of the lead up to these conferences in the documents pasted below.


First step - we worked together as a class to develop learning goals and success criteria for the four areas we are focusing on in our portfolio (writing pieces, reader response samples, personal interest, and Catholic Graduate Expectations)


portfolio reflection sheets with learning goal and success criteria.pdfportfolio reflection sheets with learning goal and success criteria.pdf


Next we designed an organizational structure to display our work (a student based learning portfolio).


Portfolio Check list.pdfPortfolio Check list.pdf


More recently, we started to keep a learning log to document our favourite learning experiences.


parent letter.pdfparent letter.pdfgr 1 self assess portfolio.pdfgr 1 self assess portfolio.pdf


Goals sheet for next year

My Goals Sheet.pdfMy Goals Sheet.pdf


Sample of a filled in goals sheet

My Goals Sheet sample.pdfMy Goals Sheet sample.pdf


We are now ready for our first student led learning conferences. 


Parent invite to student learning conferences.pdfParent invite to student learning conferences.pdf


Our script and next steps in process as of June 2


Student Led Learning Conferences Format and next steps as of June 2.pdfStudent Led Learning Conferences Format and next steps as of June 2.pdf


Updated script and parent letter as of June 10th


Student Led Learning Conferences Format and next steps as of June 10.pdfStudent Led Learning Conferences Format and next steps as of June 10.pdf


 portfolio letter final info.pdfportfolio letter final info.pdf


Stay tuned for the post learning conferences report.