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Toronto Catholic District School Board

There's so  many great things happening at St. Sylvester that there's not enough space to tell you about it all in our newsletter. This page will give you a quick recap of some of the things going on.


Teen Ranch - In words (and maybe pictures!)

As Mentioned in the December newsletter, the Gr. 7/8 class along with Mr. Meli and Mr. Fernandes took the opportunity of a shared trip to teen ranch and used it as a springboard for some anecdote writing. It started with Mr. Meli and Mr. Fernandes using the wonders of technology (a google doc) to write a story in live time in front of the class (me from my office and Mr. Meli projected the story in his class). You can see the writing process unfold below. And after you get through our story, you can read some of the Gr. 7/8 anecdotes that followed.


Writing Brainstorm
1.     Hey Mr. Meli
2.     Get out of my computer!
1.     I am spiderman. I am everywhere!
2.     You have the biggest ego of anyone I have ever met
.  How can you even fit inside a door with a head that big?
1.     To quote you “settle down! “ I have no hair so my head fits fine. I actually self deprecate a lot as you know. Are you writing with your class?
2.     Actually, yes.  We are talking about our next steps for writing and where we should go next.
1.     I thought there was some good strength in the anecdotes. Practice makes perfect. Now that we have a success criteria up, why not try anecdote #2 on a topic that they all know.
2.     We are not writing about Chloe the dog.
1.     Why the hate, why the hate? Alright, what about teen ranch….you do know who was at teen ranch….
2.     Chloe the dog?
1.     Wow. What a coincidence. Alright, something else. Something you and I were both there for that we could write together
2.     Let me guess, you want to talk about your heroic adventures at the archery course?
1.     Mrs. Stoner gave me a picture of my bulls eye so sure but the truth is there’s more to the story than the arrow
2.     What do you mean?
1.     Ok. Let’s start writing. I’ve got the success criteria here. I know we need a strong lead, so how about…
It was the perfect shot….    (suggestion, let’s just write now and we can edit and revise later)
2.     Are we actually writing a story now?
1.     I’ve got 20 minutes so if you want to try, let’s go for it. If not, I’m off to teach somewhere else.  
2.     Okay, SETTLE DOWN, let’s do this!
1.     I knew you’d write that!
Alright, here we go
1.     It was the perfect shot. As the arrow cut through the air, I dropped my bow, raised my hands and screamed “Fernandes! I’m out.”
Of course the experience started very differently.
2.     Sweat was dripping down my brow, my hands were shaking.  “The Fernandes can’t fail in front of his students, the Fernandes must triumph!” I thought to myself.   
1.     We were at Teen Ranch and while I was crushed that I couldn’t have a turn at horse riding, I was getting to hang out with Mr. Meli, Mrs. Stoner and a pretty good group of students. The sun was shining, the wind was howling and I was trying to think of any possible excuse to NOT shoot an arrow. I don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t do this, I thought.
2.     I pretended to be preoccupied with my phone, hoping that when the time came for my turn, I would be over looked.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I heard Mr. Meli’s booming, athletic voice, “You’re up, Fernandes!”  
1.     Not knowing how to back out, I took my place by the range. Let’s be clear, it was disaster at first sight. I couldn’t
a.              Get the arrow to sit on the bow
b.              Figure out how to pull the bow back
c.              Understand why Chloe wasn’t allowed to shoot an arrow instead.
“Ugh! Enough stalling,” I muttered. “Just shoot the arrow and be done with it.”
2.     Mr. Meli stood by my side, however, rather than whispering words of encouragement, he was taking deep blow at my confidence by mocking my form.  I was nervous to stand by such an athletic and intimidating figure.
1.     By a stroke of fortune, I realized God always looks out for us. St. Erica calmly and patiently helped me get the arrow on the bow. I took a deep breath, tuned out the incessant chattering of Mr. Meli who seemed to be shaking uncontrollably himself (bullies are always scared!), and let the arrow fly.
It arced through the sky as if it had a mind of its own. Soaring to the target, it seemed destined  to fail but with sheer force and fury, it struck the target.
“Bullseye!” I screamed. “Fernandes is out!”
And with that, I tip toed off the field with my Gucci flip flops. Clearly, for at least another day, I...was…The Fernandes!
P.S. For the record, I missed the every other shot I took! I guess there is such a thing as beginners luck!




The Next Website Challenge Has Begun!

Students, the next challenge is on. We'd like you to put your art talents to work and consider pictures for our Virtues Mural and Catholic Graduate Expectations Pictures. Samples are pasted below of what we've seen at St. Gabriel Lalemant. Now let's come up with ideas for St. Sylvester. Winning submissions will receive a new Shark Shirt (once we have them!)


What would a virtues mural look like to you?

virtues mural.jpg

What ideas do you have for the different Catholic Graduate Expectations posters? 


life long learner cge.jpg

responsible citizen cge.jpg

We're hoping to have submissions in for after the Easter Long weekend (March 29)

Basketball Report
A big congratulations to both intermediate basketball teams with their play and results over the last two days.   On Wednesday, after two excellent round robin games and a close Semi- final game against St. Rene Goupil, the boys advanced to the final game against the big and tall St. Bede.  After a tough battle where the boys, led by Japheth, really gave it their all, they were defeated, but well done boys in earning a FINALIST ribbon!!  Team members were:
The starting line-up: Japheth, John, Joshua B., Noah and Romeo
Other team members were: Joshua N, Cameron, Aiden, Narek, Andrew, Dan, Derick, Giovany, and Ethan.
As for yesterday, the girls played very well, won one, lost one after round robin play, which advanced them to the Semi finals. In the Semis, the girls also came up against St. Bede, but lost by just a narrow margin, playing very well and holding their heads up high.
Starting line-up for the girls were: Amelia, Taja, Madonna, Kyla, and Sairis.
Other team members were: Melissa, Adejah, Rathika, Nilayah, Nilogini, Lisi, and Sumaya.
Thanks to all the parents who helped drive and cheer us on, thanks to Mrs. Mondaca for all, and a special thanks to Javier on his 1-2-3 Go Sylvester Go!!!
Eds Note: A big thanks as well to Ms. Stoner for all her time spent coaching both teams.

Stay tuned for News from the Shark Tank