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Jungle Story Spring Production

 Shere Khan:           Daniela P.

Father Wolf:           Logan L.
Tabaqui:                 Ruben S.
Mother Wolf:          Cayla-Lynn N.
Baloo:                       Thomas T.
Baheera:                 Christopher M.
Mowgli:                    Carlo L.
Kaa:                          Mariah R.
Narrator:                Lashae B
Scene 1
Welcome to the Jungle!
Mrs. DeFrancesco’s Grade 3/4 class

Scene 2
Mowgli is Rescued From Shere Khan and Adopted by the Wolf Pack
Ms. Nespolo’s Grade 2 class
Scene 3
Baloo and the other Bears teach Mowgli the Jungle Law and how to survive.
Mrs. Moscone’s Grade 2 class

Scene 4
Mowgli is taken to the river by the panther Bagheera.
Mrs. Ferrari’s Multiple Exceptionalities class
Scene 5
Mowgli is Kidnapped by the Bandarlog (Monkey Tribe)
Ms. Selbie’s Grade 6 class

Scene 6
Kaa the Snake Rescues Mowgli from the Bandarlog
Mrs. De Melo’s Grade 6 class
Scene 7
Mowgli is Cast out of the Jungle at Council Rock
Ms. Ventura’s Grade 4 class
Scene 8
Mowgli  Leaves the Jungle and Joins the Village
Mrs. Ferraro’s Grade 6 class



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