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School History And Tradition


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Our community has a rich diversity of individuals drawn from all over the world. This cultural mix is important to us for each individual contributes his or her life experiences within the unifying bond of our common Catholic faith.

St. Thomas More Catholic School opened its doors to the community on June 15, 1969, with a beautiful new building and an enthusiastic group of staff and students. The school was named after St. Thomas More--an outstanding layman, husband, father, scholar, statesman, saint and martyr. He was beatified with other English martyrs in 1886 and canonized in 1935. His feast is celebrated on July 9th.
St. Thomas More Catholic School was the sixth completely open-concept school in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The entire second floor--which included eight classrooms and a library--was without partition walls except for a teachers' room. The students, previously accommodated at St. Barbara and St. Richard Catholic Schools, were delighted to be in such an exciting learning environment. However, in 1985 design modifications were made to create individual classrooms as there were concerns over the effectiveness of such open environments. Growth continued at St. Thomas More necessitating the acquisition of nine portables.
Whether “in” or “out”, the spirit of a close knit family remains at St. Thomas More. Our latest addition was completed in 2013-14 and now the protables have been removed so that each student can enjoy a learning environment within the school buildings. All said, we feel we have an excellent building, a fantastic staff and an amazing community to support all aspects of our students learning. We look forward to the achievements of our current and past students and also the next generation of St. Thomas More students who will join us in the coming years.