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The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) maintains its commitment to equity and inclusion as ever-present goals, critical responsibilities and moral imperatives. Our three-year Equity Action Plan is a renewal of our promise to ensure equity at all levels of our system as we strive to close the achievement gap, enhance student physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and ensure equity of opportunity and outcomes for all.​
One   of   the   most   important   goals   of   education   is   building   relationships.   Equity,  in   its  basic   form,  is   a   concept   for   understanding,  respect   and   relationships.   Simply   put,  equity  promotes   relationships   through   fairness   and   inclusivity.   While   fairness   encourages   us   to  acknowledge   that   everyone   has   a   story   and   to   appreciate   the   beauty   of   that   story,  inclusion  challenges   us   to   accept   and   fit   each   of   our   stories   into   the   wider   story   of   our   common  humanity.  We understand the our school community is a varied tapestry of experiences and we continue to look to reflect these experiences in our day to day practice.