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About Us

In our efforts to meet the diversified needs of our students at St. Timothy, we acknowledge and rejoice in cultural diversity. Commonality is found by focusing on our Catholic beliefs, common roots, and common values. As each child is unique and brings a variety of different experiences to the classroom, activities presented to the students also reflect the differences and needs of all in order to unify and promote common growth.

The notion of our Christian families is another unifying force. The real life application of how we live these Christian values in our families is used to enhance the growth in our community.
As teachers, we take the role of initiating the welcoming and gathering of our students while promoting that a common standard of behaviour is internalized and understood. This will subsequently help to ensure the safety of all students. From the start, we observe and work towards common concepts and establish routines focusing on the individual learner and the various patterns of learning. We further the goal of establishing common learning by extending and deepening the concepts learned.
With the enhancement of technology, we also focus on applying and sharing knowledge and skills through a variety of techniques: modification, simplification, and restatement in various methods in order to reach a common understanding.