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Toronto Catholic District School Board

For Parents



St. Timothy Catholic School
25 Rochelle Crescent
Toronto, ON   M2J 1Y3
April 2, 2013
Dear Parent(s) or Guardians,
We have just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.  We now embark on the Eastertide journey for the next 50 days leading into Pentecost.  During this time, we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and our commitment to him to try and do our best as our sins have been washed away.  This does give cause for all of us to thank and praise God! As part of this wonderful journey, our students will be attending Easter Mass on Thursday April 11 beginning at 10:30 am at St. Timothy Church.  You are invited to join us. All are welcome!
Our parent council is pleased to announce our first Rummage and Bake Sale to be held on Saturday May 4, 2013.  It will begin at 9 am and finish by 2:30 pm.  We ask you to contact Nicole Mann, our Vice-Chair, at 647-829-7756 should you be able to volunteer your time or are able to donate items or bake goods.
I want to congratulate two of our students, Czarielle and Ines, for representing our school at a recent Public Speaking Contest held at St. Timothy Church.  Czarielle placed first for her speech on Euthanasia (Catholic View) and Ines placed third for her speech on the Elementary Education System. Our school community is very proud of their accomplishments and efforts. Well done Czarielle and Ines!
We are in the final stretch of the school year and there are many activities and events taking place during this month:
April 9 to 16: Dental Screening
April 11: Easter Mass
April 12: Intermediate W5H Tournament
April 15: Rosary
April 22: Graduation Photos
April 23: Junior Basketball (Girls)
April 23: CSAC (Parent Council) Meeting in the gym beginning at 7 pm
April 24 to 26: Montreal Trip
April 25: Welcome to Kindergarten Night beginning at 5:45 pm in the gym
April 26: Junior Basketball (Boys) - tentative
April 29: Boys' Junior Volleyball
April 30: Girls' Junior Volleyball
We have a school policy in place for meetings with teachers and administration:
In order to gain effective results from meetings, parents must make an appointment with their child’s teacher.  This will allow time for teachers to gather necessary information for a focused dialogue to take place.  Parents can also call and leave a message with Mrs. Perfetti or Ms. Noemia and their child’s teacher will respond back within a reasonable time. Should parents wish a meeting with administration, please also make an appointment through Mrs. Perfetti or Ms. Noemia.
Mr. W. Lee
March 4, 2013
Dear Parent(s) or Guardians,
Our upcoming CSAC Meeting for Tuesday March 5 is cancelled.  We will reschedule our next CSAC Meeting for Tuesday March 26. We hope you can attend it.  Our school will be closed for March Break from Monday March 11 to Friday March 15. Please send some bags with your child(ren) so they can clean out their desks.
Mr. W. Lee
February 19, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This Thursday February 21, we will have 6 priests visiting our school to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  As a part of our Catholic Faith, we encourage you to speak to your child about it and to appreciate this sacrament as a way of healing our relationship with God.
We thank all parents who came to our Parent-Teacher Conferences last week.  It is important to keep in communication with your child(ren)'s teachers throughout the year.  This will allow for our children to experience greater success.
Our School Newspaper has been given a title.  Thank you to Tamia from Ms. Cafagna's class for naming it, "The Buzz - St. Timothy Newspaper." We hope to have our next issue published before the start of the March Break.
Below are future events for our school:
February 25:      Rosary
March 5:             CSAC Meeting beginning at 7 pm
March 11 to 15: March Break
Mr. W. Lee
February 7, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This is a gentle reminder that we do have our Family Movie Night tomorrow beginning at 7 pm.  Cost of admission is $5 per family.  Each person will receive a juice box and popcorn.  We will be playing Madagascar 3. We will also have Casual Day at a cost of $1.
Have a great day!
Mr. Lee
January 15, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Happy New Year and welcome back!
On behalf of Mr. Graham, I would like to wish everyone a good start to this year.  We have many events happening over the next few weeks.  Before proceeding with the events, I would like to draw your attention to two new sections in our For Parents area: Settlement Services and Piano Program News.
For our families who have recently arrived from another country, there is information offered in this section which will provide support for families who may require assistance on settling here.  Our settlement worker is Ms. Adela Rivera.  Her contact information is found in the Settlement Services area.
Working with Ms. Rivera and our Public Health Nurses, Ms. Katarina Elher and Ms. Angela Yeung, there is a possibility of future workshops held during the day at St. Timothy Catholic School. Although these workshops focus on our new families, all are welcome as topics will vary.  We will provide you with more information after our CSAC Meeting on Tuesday January 22.
All parents are invited to our CSAC Meeting (Parent Council Meeting) on Tuesday January 22 beginning at 7 pm in the gym.  We will have Ms. Ehler and Ms. Yeung presenting on the topic of fundraising with healthy alternatives.  They will also respond to questions after their presentation.  Child-minding will be available.
We are holding registrations for kindergarten this week. Our office is opened from 8 am to 4 pm for registration.  On Thursday January 17, our office is opened until 8 pm for registration.
The following events will take place over the next few weeks:
January 16: Pizza Lunch
January 18: Casual Day - The cost is $1 and students can wear casual clothing.
January 21: Rosary Apostolate Visit
January 22: CSAC Meeting beginning at 7 pm in the Gym
January 23: Pizza Lunch
January 24: St. Timothy Feast Day Mass - All are welcome to celebrate with us at St. Timothy Church beginning at 10:30 am.
 January 25: PA Day - There is no school for the students.
January 30: Pizza Lunch
January 30: Pajama Day
February 1: Crazy Hat Day
February 7 to 12: Carnaval
February 8 to 15: Scholastic Book Fair
February 12: First Term Report Cards go home
February 14 and 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences
As we continue to experience the season of winter, we ask parents and guardians to ensure their children are dressed appropriately for the weather.  All children should have a pair of indoor shoes as to reduce safety concerns (i.e., slipping due to water from outdoor boots or shoes) in the classroom. 
Students are not to stay indoors during recesses unless a medical note is brought to the office documenting an illness or injury as the reason for staying inside.  Although we understand there are new families in our community who have lived in areas of warmer temperatures, the cold temperatures of winter is a part of life living in Canada.  For children who are sick or ill, we ask parents to keep them home.  This will minimize the spread of illnesses towards the rest of the school population.  We appreciate your understanding.
Best wishes,
Mr. W. Lee
December 12, 2012
Dear Parents/Guardians,
I wanted to let you know the following dates have been selected by student council as spirit days:
Thursday December 13: Jersey Day - Students are encouraged to wear something which represents a sports team (i.e., hockey, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, olympics, etc...).
Friday December 21: Purple, Red, and Green Day - Students are encouraged to wear colours which reflect Advent and Christmas. White can also be worn.
Thursday February 14: Pink Day - Students are encouraged to wear pink to support our Upstander initiative.
TBA: Pajama Day - Students are encouraged to wear their pajamas on this day.  Please ensure students are wearing appropriate clothing in keeping with our faith.
We also have our Casual Day this Friday December 14.  The cost is $1.00.
As a reminder, I would also ask families within our community to donate to our Angel Tree Initiative.  This will greatly assist with families struggling within our own community and reflects our virtue of the month in charity. Any donation is greatly appreciated.
As the weather becomes colder, we ask students to be appropriately dressed for the weather. Students are also asked to bring a pair of indoor shoes and outer footware as it will reduce the risk of slippage in the classrooms.
Mr. W. Lee
December 11, 2012
Hello everyone:
The end of this season is fast approaching. I hope that the time away from school will allow for some rest and relaxation with your families.
I just wanted to send out a reminder regarding our Angel Tree initiative. This is an opportunity to come together as a community an assist those in our community that may be struggling during this time. We are continuing to collect for our Angel Tree initiative – and “thank you” to those individuals that have already made a donation. We have identified certain families within our community that would benefit from our support. The number of families we are able to assist; however, will depend solely on the amount of donation money collected. I can tell you with certainty, that these individual families would not only benefit from this gesture of good will, but would also be eternally grateful.
**Please continue to speak to your children about this worthwhile and necessary  endeavor. This is a very important lesson in “social consciousness”  - and it is right in our own backyard. We are hopeful that through teacher and parent contributions we are able to accumulate some of the funds needed.
If you are interested in making a donation, please  send in your donation money by Friday. There is no “set” amount required or expected. It is an individual decision and the donations are made anonymously. If we receive the funds by Friday, it will allow us to make the necessary arrangements on behalf of our recipients. Thank you in advance – together we can make a difference.
I have attached the original notice sent home to parents. I truly appreciate your participation in our community.
Mr. Graham
December 4, 2012
Dear families and friends of St. Timothy School:
Sunday, December 2nd marked the beginning of the season of Advent. During this time of year, we prepare for the coming of Jesus and are constantly reminded of God’s everlasting love for us. In the true spirit of the Season, we share and exchange gifts with family and friends.  It is important that we take time as a community to nurture our Catholic faith and unite our families through this precious gift of community that we share together. We remember the teachings of Jesus and reinforce these simple lessons with our children each day. With that being said, this time of year we are also reminded of our responsibility to assist those families in our community who are most vulnerable and may be struggling.
In keeping with December’s virtue of Charity, St. Timothy School is initiating a “Christmas Fundraiser”. We have a responsibility to assist these families within our community, so that they too, may experience the many joys of Christmas. The staff at St. Timothy will be making personal donations on behalf of the school, and we would like you to partner with us. We would like to invite you, the community, to contribute a small monetary donation as well. The money collected will go towards providing families in our community with gifts for their children and food for their tables over the Christmas season.
We ask that you send your donation to your child’s teacher by Monday, Dec. 10th. This will allow us to collect and count your donations, purchase the necessary gifts and have them ready for delivery during the final week of school – December 17-21st.
We hope you can appreciate this worthwhile and necessary initiative. On behalf of the staff of St. Timothy School, I would like to thank you in advance for your active participation. As we journey together through the season of Advent, we model the proverb “it is better to give than to receive”, and for that, I thank you.  
Yours in Catholic community,
Mr. J. Graham, Principal
December 5, 2012
Good afternoon friends and family of St. Timothy School:
It’s Mr. Graham here, Principal of St. Timothy School, just touching base with you to providing you all with some information items that you may find useful as we journey through the next few weeks.
December 2nd marked the beginning of the season of Advent. As a Catholic learning community, we spend time preparing ourselves for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We also spend much of our time modelling to the children that is better to give than to receive, and as you will see, this is a message that continually repeats itself.
Before giving you a peek into the events of the coming weeks, I wanted to take some time to extend my thanks to members of our community and recap some events you may find of interest. Last week our Intermediate Boy’s and Girls’ volleyball teams competed in our regional tournaments. Both teams did very well. Our girls’ team went on to represent St. Timothy in the Semi-Final matches held at James Cardinal McGuigan High School and placed fourth overall - a very respectable finish as the competition was fierce and well organized. The athletes would have made you very proud as they demonstrated the kind of Catholic leadership and decorum we would expect from all of our children. Well done to all and thank you to our coaches.
Last Thursday and Friday, Fr. John organized his own team as our entire school participated in our Advent reconciliation. I would like to thank Fr. John for a job well done, as he was able to take care of our entire student community in less than two days. With that being said, tomorrow we will be celebrating our school’s Advent Mass at St. Timothy Church. Mass begins at 10:30AM and as always, all are welcome.
Don’t forget…this Friday is a P.A. Day. Students are not required to attend school. We will see you bright and early Monday morning, December 10th.
Now here is some news that has recently generated much excitement among our St. Timothy community. Yesterday, I had a twelve foot “Balsam Fir” Christmas tree delivered to our school. In the last few days, we have transformed our atrium area into a space of great reverence - complete with a beautiful nativity scene, a wonderful prayer table, a king-size, real Christmas tree…and a cozy sitting area for teachers to take their classes to read a Christmas storybook. Please drop by our school to visit our atrium - and have a picture taken in front of this divine display.
School photos have arrived in our offices and will be distributed to our students shortly. I believe you will be very pleased with the quality of these photos. It is always an exciting time of the year when they arrive…and they make great gifts for grandparents.
I wanted to let you know that we have initiated a Christmas fundraiser. In the true spirit of the season, this is not just another fundraising opportunity – it is a necessary mission. We have a responsibility to assist those in our community that may struggling or in need. There are families in our community that are disadvantaged and I am looking to parents to come together to support this important initiative. In partnership with our school staff, we are asking for a small monetary donation to assist the families – to help give them the kind of Christmas they deserve. Please see the attachment for greater details and our timeline. In advance, I would like to say thank you for your support. Together we are able to make such a difference and it means the world to these students.
So here are a few things you can expect in the coming days/weeks:
A)     We are celebrating our Advent Mass at 10:30AM on Thursday, December 6th. All are welcome.
B)      Friday, December 7th is a P.A. Day and students are not required to attend school. We will see you again on Monday, December 10th.
C)      Skating days are underway. Please make sure you have completed your permission forms and have returned them to school. Let us know your children’s shoe size and we will see if we have an extra pair of skates that fit them.
D)     Our Grade 4’s are participating in Dance workshops on December 10th.
E)      The Grade 4’s will then be venturing off to Cardinal Carter to enjoy an afternoon matinee of the Nutcracker production on December 13th. Very exciting.
F)      The Rosary Apostolate visits the school and our classes on the 17th.
G)     Our Grade 6 class will be performing Charles Dickens’, “A Christmas Carol” for their parents, family and friends during the evening of the 17th in the school gym
H)     We will be carolling in the gym on the 18th of December.
I)        The last day of classes is Friday, December 21st and we return to school on January 7th, 2013.
There are many other activities taking place and these are just a few. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.
November 19, 2012
Hello everyone – Its Mr. Graham, Principal of St. Timothy School. I’m just calling to remind you that tomorrow evening, Tuesday, November 20th, we are holding our monthly Parent Council meeting in our school gymnasium. As usual, it should be an excellent and informative evening for all who attend. You will have a chance discuss issues related to Bullying in the 21st Century, led by our guest speaker, Juliana Lombardi. Ms. Lombardi is a Child and Youth Worker with our school board and brings extensive knowledge and expertise to this area. This will be an excellent opportunity for all who attend.
We will also discuss our recent fundraising efforts and how we will move forward in this regard. We are excited to have you join us in these discussions - and as always, your input is greatly valued. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our parent meetings. If you know of someone else in our community that may not be on my distribution list, but may wish to receive this information, please forward this e-mail to them and ask them to drop me a line - and I will add their address to our distribution.
Again, please join us tomorrow night at 7PM in our school’s gym, as we continue our journey for the 2012/13 school year.
Really hope to see you there. Have a great night.
Sent Home, Monday and Tuesday, October 22/23, 2012
Hello everyone – Its Mr. Graham, Principal of St. Timothy School. I’m just calling to remind you that tomorrow, Tuesday evening, November 20th, we are holding our monthly Parent Council meeting in our school library. As usual, it should be an excellent and informative evening for all who attend. You will have a chance discuss issues related to Bullying in the 21st Century lead by our Guest Speaker, Juliana Lombardi. We will also discuss our recent fundraising efforts.
We are looking to you, the parents, joining us in these discussions and as always, your input is greatly valued. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please join us tomorrow night at 7PM in our school’s gym as we begin our journey for the 2012/13 school year. Really hope to see you there. Have a great night.
November 14th, 2012
Dear Parents:
We are now settled into our school year and therefore, I want to let you know about the common problem of head lice. Head lice can affect anyone, but most often it affects younger school-age children.
Head lice are parasites. They are considered by health officials to be a nuisance when they are difficult to eliminate. They are not a health hazard and are not connected in any way with long hair, dirt, neglect, or not being clean. Head lice can spread quickly from head to head when a group of children have close contact (e.g. school, camp, day-care, etc.). They can be spread by sharing hats, brushes, combs, bedding, etc.
Prevention of head lice is everyone’s responsibility. Cooperation and prompt action on the part of parents, school staff, and the public health department will help to reduce the inconvenience to children.
We encourage you, the parents, to look at your children’s hair on a regular basis. When checking for nits (eggs), the hair should be dry. A convenient time for a visual check may be just before washing your child’s hair.
If you find any head lice or nits (eggs), obtain and use a medicated head lice shampoo or medicated cream rinse from your pharmacist, and contact the school to inform then that you child has been treated. The school needs to be informed so that other parents and school officials can be advised to check the heads of others. Finding and treating head lice early will stop your child from getting a severe case and stop the spread of head lice to other children.
Further information and reference about head lice can be obtained from the school or local office of the Toronto Public Health Department:
Tel: 416-338-7600
Thank you for your cooperation.
Mr. J. Graham, Principal
St. Timothy Catholic School
November 9, 2012
Good afternoon everyone:
This is a message from Mr. Graham, Principal of St. Timothy School.
I have compiled a list of email addresses – some new and some from last year’s group – in an effort to communicate information to parents more effectively. At present, there are more than 150 people on this distribution list but I would love to grow it even further. If you know a member of the community that may not have received this, please forward this email to them and I will have their name and email address added for future mail-outs. As well, if you receive this email and your children have graduated from St. Timothy, please let me know and I will remove your name from this list.
I would like to send you a link to our school’s web portal that will take you directly to the “Parent’s Area”. Take the time to explore…we update the site every day or so. Any time something is sent home, we add it to the portal:
Here are just a few of the things taking place in the coming days:
A)     Tomorrow is our Remembrance Day celebration in the gym. It will take place at 10:30AM and last approximately 45 minutes.
B)     Tomorrow is also Lunch Lady Fridays…and your children’s lunch orders can be placed on-line until later tonight. Visit the site to place your order:
C)     Tomorrow is also our last day to bring in pledge money. I believe our school has collected nearly $9,000 in pledge money to date. Our prizes will be awarded early next week.
D)     Progress Reports go home on Tuesday, November 13th and Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday evening (Nov 15th) and Friday (Nov 16th) in the AM.
E)      Friday, November 16th is a PA Day.
F)      Our next CSAC/Parent Council Meeting will be held on November 20th at 7PM in our school gym. I would like to discuss issues related to “Bullying and Prevention”.
G)     Picture/Photo Re-takes will take place on Friday, November 23rd from 10:30AM til 1:30PM. At that time we will be allowing “sibling” photos to be taken. More info. to follow.
H)     Advent Reconciliation for our students is scheduled for November 29th and 30th from 9AM to 12PM in the gym. Thank you Fr. John.
I)        Looking way ahead, our school’s Advent Mass is scheduled for Thursday, December 6th at 9:30AM - and as always, “All are Welcome”.
Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to continuing our journey together. More information to follow by myself and your CSAC Executive. I will continue to send messages home via “Synervoice”/telephone voicemail. If you are not receiving these voice messages, please let me know and I will arrange to have the alternate number added to our phone directory.
God Bless, Mr. Graham


 Pumpkin.pngHalloween Dance-A-Thon Update Pumpkin.png



October 25, 2012
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Just a reminder that on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, St. Timothy’s will be participating in our annual Dance-A-Thon. All students will have the opportunity to participate in the dance at the scheduled times. The Halloween Dance-A-Thon schedule will be as follows:
                8:40 –   9:20               JK, SK and grade 1 (1/2 class) students          
                9:55 –  10:35              Grade 2 & 3 (3/4 class) students
                10:45 – 11:25             Grades 5 & 6 students
                12:40 -  1:20              Grades JK, SK, and grade 4 students
                1:55 – 2:45                Grade 7 & 8 students
The students are invited to wear their Halloween costumes to school. Please do not send in costume accessories, such as: swords, toy guns, broomsticks, full-face masks, etc. We also would like to remind you that all the money collected for the dance-a-thon must in by TUESDAY, November 6th, 2011. Prizes will be given out on Friday, November 9th. 
The following prizes (one for each division - Primary, Junior and Intermediate) will be awarded:
First Prize:                                                          Second Prize:
MHSST22R Bloggie Sport HD Camera                PRST2HBC eReader                               
 Third Prize: 
DSCW650 High Zoom Lightweight Digital Camera 
We thank you again for all your support and cooperation with this fundraising adventure. Wishing you and your family a fun filled and safe Halloween.
J. Graham                               W. Lee                           St. Timothy CSAC
Principal                                 Vice Principal




October 18, 2012


Dear Parents,

We have an upcoming CSAC meeting this Tuesday October 23 beginning at 7:00 pm in the gymnasium.  This will allow another opportunity for parent engagement.  We continue to believe when parents are engaged in their child(ren)'s education, success can be experienced. We hope to see you here.



October 16, 2012

Dear Parents,

I wanted to inform you of another opportunity to participate in your child's faith journey this Tuesday October 23 at St. Timothy Church.  Beginning at 10:30 am, our school has been invited to participate in a prayer service with Father John. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be the focus as the Knights of Columbus has chosen our parish to host it.  If you have the time, please drop by the church.

On Saturday November 17, our Special Services Department is hosting an event called Working Together to Educate All.  There will be quite a number of informative presentations on that day.  The file below contains specific information about the event.  It will be held at the Catholic Education Centre (3rd floor).

 Special Services Flyer.pdfSpecial Services Flyer.pdf

Our major fundraiser has begun.  As a reminder, this fundraiser will be used to help minimize the cost of school trips and events and provide materials to enrich or enhance our various programs. We will have a Dance-a-thon on October 31.  Students are invited to wear their costumes, but keeping in mind that accessories are not allowed.  These include: swords, broomsticks, masks, etc.  All pledge forms and money are to be submitted by Tuesday November 6, 2012.




October 10, 2012

Dear Parents,

The travelling witness cross which began its journey last year had arrived at St. Timothy on Thursday October 4 and stayed with us until the following day.  Classes were invited to come down to the atrium where the witness cross resided and offered prayers and responses in preparation for the offertory. Teachers also taught lessons within this sacred space and students were engaged in the discussions. We had a few parents visit our witness cross and reflected on being thankful for what we have from God.







October 2, 2012

Mr. Lee's Curriculum Night Address to Parents:

I welcome everyone this evening to our Curriculum Night. I would also like to warmly welcome new families into our St. Timothy community. We do have a vibrant community from all ‘walks of life’ and different places and it is with this diversity our school community is unique. I am pleased to be here to speak briefly on Nurturing Our Catholic Community Through our new 3-year pastoral plan in Faith, Hope and Charity. The purpose of this initiative is to build upon our last pastoral plan in Word, Worship and Witness and enrich the faith experience of students, parents, and staff within our St. Timothy community.

I want to quote our Director of Education, Mr. Bruce Rodrigues.  He says, “All of us—parents, teachers, support staff, students, and spiritual leaders—share some responsibility for making our schools places of excellence where the faith of our youth is nourished and where they learn how to become good citizens in a global community,” 
I truly support Mr. Rodrigues’ vision as it compliments the idea of “needing a whole village to raise a child.” To raise children and nurture their spiritual growth requires effort from all of us especially as we begin adapting into the dynamic environment of the 21st century where the global community is just within a click away.  With so much information out in the world easily accessible to our students, it becomes more challenging for parents, educators, and spiritual leaders to keep up with the ‘information technology age’ and filter or take apart what is essential for our children.  Therefore, I believe it is important for our parents to be engaged in their children’s faith and academic journey.

You will have an opportunity to engage in your children’s faith journey next Tuesday October 9 at 10:30 am.  We will be celebrating a special Mass with the arrival of the travelling cross.  As we are in the Year of Faith, which also fits well with our church’s universal Year of Faith, a group of Neil McNeil high school students created a travelling cross as a symbol of our faith journey.  This cross has been in over a hundred elementary and secondary schools over the past year.  It is due to arrive at our school this Friday afternoon.  When it arrives, our students will come down with their classes and place their paragraphs or drawings in the baskets based one of the following questions:
How can we be witnesses to our faith? OR How can I be a witness to my faith?


We will then bring these baskets to our Mass where they will be brought up during the offertory procession.  As the parental community, we invite you to celebrate with us.  If you would like to participate in the Mass by being one of our Eucharistic Ministers, please let Mrs. Lobo, our teacher-librarian know as she is co-ordinating this Mass.  Your participation, whether attending this Mass or volunteering to be a Eucharistic Minister, demonstrates being engaging parents in your children’s faith journey.
As part of our journey in the Year of Faith, our board is also focused on stewardship of the Earth.  In other words, we are asked as children of God to be caretakers of our beautiful planet.  Under the direction of Mrs. Lobo and Ms. Storto, we have an excellent Eco-Team made up of students looking into ways to improve our community through conservation and waste reduction.  I have sent home a letter earlier in the year regarding our boomerang lunches.  As only one of six gold-level Toronto Catholic eco-schools for the last 5 years, we have done an exceptional work on becoming aware of our environment and acting on initiatives to improve it. As a school, we have now expanded the boomerang lunches on a daily basis.  It is with your parental support and the support from our staff and students that we can continue to be excellent stewards of the Earth rooted in our faith.  For those who are new to our community, the idea of boomerang lunches is to create an awareness of the waste materials we place in our bins.  It is our goal to reduce waste and begin using re-usable containers or packages.  Left over food which can be disposed of in the green bin program available at your home will be brought back home in their containers by your child. We appreciate the support on this initiative.

As you leave the gym to go to your children’s classrooms, we do have donated library books we are selling.  The cost is $0.50 for each book.  All proceeds will go to the eco-fund to beautify our schoolyard.

It is a wonderful time to be engaged in your child’s spiritual and academic journey. We as a staff look forward to working with you throughout the year.



Thank you!




October 1, 2012


Dear Grade 8 Parents,

The Mary Ward Information Night for Grade 8 students and parents is taking place on November, 1, 2012, from 7 to 9 pm.  Prior to the Information Night, there will be a presentation given by teachers from Mary Ward to the Grade 8 students.



Mr. W. Lee