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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Hope for Haiti Lenten Drive

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Recently, the people in Haiti have suffered yet again another devastating blow due to Hurricane Matthew. This year, in co-operation with the Missionaries of the Poor, we are inviting our schools to participate in a special Lenten Drive, A Mission of Hope for Haiti.

The TCDSB goal is to fill a 40-foot-long container with food, toiletries and school items that we may take for granted—e.g. food items, like rice and beans, toiletries, like toothpaste and toothbrushes, or school items, like pencils and pens.  These items would be picked up from your school by volunteers from the Missionaries of the Poor, and through Canadian Food for Children, these items will be shipped to the Missionaries of the Poor to Haiti.

St. Timothy created a goal of filling ten boxes to contribute Lenten Drive. Thanks to the generosity and participation of our school community, we filled 25 boxes - more than doubling our goal!