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Smudging Ceremony at St. Timothy

 On Tuesday October 10, 2017 Mrs. Montisano’s grade 5 class participated in a smudging celebration facilitated by Roberta Pike, a parent at St. Timothy Catholic School. The celebration took place at St. Timothy’s outdoor classroom. The month of October is the month of the “falling leaves moon” where leaves are coming off the trees and Mother Nature is getting ready for a rest. The smudging ceremony consists of four sacred medicines. Tobacco is the first medicine and represents respect, this is given to us by the creator and is the most important medicine and comes first before all medicines. Sweet grass is the second medicine and represents kindness. Sweet grass is known as the “hair of mother earth”, three pieces of sweet grass are braided together and used during the smudging ceremony. The three pieces of grass represent “The body, the mind, and the spirit” that works together in each one of us. The third medicine is sage which is used to calm the spirit. The final medicine used in the smudging ceremony is fresh cedar for its scent.

            A small amount of each sacred medicine is put into a bowl, when the smudge is burned and the smoke rises up to the creator. An eagle feather is used to move our prayers and thoughts up to the creator because the eagle is the highest flying bird.

            Take your hands above the smudge smoke and motion your hands as if you are washing them, this is to represent the washing and purifying ourselves. Raising smoke over your head is to clear your mind, a little more smoke for your eyes and your mouth is to see the good in those around you and that everything that comes out of your mouth is good. Finally you smudge your entire body so you are physically and spiritually cleansed. ​

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