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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Stop the Stigma​


Stigma is the mark of disgrace towards anything that is different. On December 3rd 2018, the Stop the Stigma leadership group: Camila, Eleni, Eva, Mosig, Rand, Asafa and Mrs. Zarokian, attended the Stop the Stigma campaign at the University of Toronto and it was spectacular! There we got to hear Anthony Mclean, along with other speakers. They discussed their battle with mental illness, and how they were able to overcome those challenges. After we heard about mental illness, we found different ways to cope and deal with mental health issue. In various workshops they showed us the positive effect that humor and physical activities can have on your health. One of the ways to deal with the pain is to express yourself with visual arts. You can draw, dance, sing, puppeteer, clowning and many more! In the presentations they showed us that everyone has different levels of mental illness. The most important part in being in a good state of mind, is knowing yourself as well as the factors that can cause it. For example, getting a good sleep schedule, staying active, and being on task. The most important thing is to tell someone how you are feeling, talking it out can change everything. Don’t forget to use the #tcdsbstopthestigma to spread the word!