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School History And Tradition

St. Ursula Catholic School has served the Catholic children of Guildwood Village and the surrounding area of Scarborough for more than 45 years. Our school's community church is St. Martin de Porres with some of our families living within St. Boniface boundaries. Other families traditionally attend to their spiritual needs through churches with services accommodating their cultural language.

About St. Ursula

When Ursula was a little girl, she loved children very much. She therefore became a teacher. Mothers and fathers sent their boys and girls to her. She taught them how to be good. She told them about Jesus and Mary. She had a fine school for them in England.

But terrible pagan armies came into England. They threatened to kill all Christians. So Ursula took her pupils and her other teachers and went with them to France. But once again, she met peril. The terrible Huns came with their armies. They hated Jesus Christ and they killed all Christians. So they captured Ursula and her sweet young companions.

They asked Ursula to let them make slaves of the little boys and girls. Ursula refused. They promised to let them all go free if they would give up Christ and the Catholic faith. They all refused. So the army of the Huns drew their swords. They pulled back their bows and arrows. They killed Ursula and all her companions. And like glorious martyrs they went straight to heaven. Her Feast is on October 21st.
--From Miniature Stories of the Saints by Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.