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Santa's Goodies And Gifts


Santa's Goodies and Gifts was a great success this year! Thank you to all of the wonderful  volunteers who made this day a special event for the students. Thank you also to all of our community members who donated items, your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you to Kim McCormick for organizing Santa's Goodies and making it all happen.


Raffle Prizes


There were some items from the raffle sale that have not been claimed yet. Please check your tickets with the list below to see if you won a raffle prize.


Item #3 Family Night 1)    812675

                               2)   527118


Item #6 Good Life Fitness    526662


Item #7 Farm Animal Set    527168


Item #9 Eco Rescue Team   416539


Item # 10  Digital Photo Fram   006980


Item #11  Super Hero Books    043625


Item #13 Mine Craft    086523


Item #14  Puzzle Mania    4) 042001

                                    6) 526316