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Principal`s Message


Welcome to St. Victor Catholic School home of the amazing Vikings.  We are a school embodied in developing the whole child, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  St. Victor is a welcoming community that embraces each and every member and involves them in the many aspects of school life.  The abundance of clubs, sports and daily opportunities offered provide a positive school climate for students to flourish and find their unique capabilities.  The Toronto Catholic District School Board has developed a multi-year strategic plan to meet the diverse needs of the students enrolled in their schools.  St. Victor embodies the plan to further meet the individual needs of the students entrusted to the community.  We live our catholic values by ensuring our curriculum is rooted in gospel values and informed by the Ontario catholic graduate expectations.  Staff and students participate regularly in school masses and faith development opportunities.  We believe in a strong triad between home, school and parish which is evident through the connections with St. Rose Parish and its youth ministry, the Edge group.
Fostering student achievement and the well- being of our students is paramount in our daily routines.  Students are provided opportunities to meet and exceed provincial averages in literacy and numeracy through high expectations set out in their programs.  Assessment practices incorporating for/ as/ of learning are evident through learning goals and co-created success criteria and further developed through descriptive feedback provided to students.  Many opportunities are afforded to students to become discerning believers, effective communicators and reflective thinkers through the many ME to WE initiatives that occur throughout the year at St. Victor.  Daily routines and group work allow students to become self- directed learners and collaborative contributors which are skills that will benefit them well in the future.
Differentiated instruction is incorporated in each classroom to accommodate varying learning needs and engage students fully in their ongoing learning.  Digital literacy is promoted through the use of technology to further enhance student learning, specifically in reading through the online reading program, RAZ kids and through coding and prodigy an online math experience for students to practice their skill set.
We attempt to improve ongoing communication with parents and guardians through monthly newsletters, notifications sent through the remind app and through Catholic School Parent Council meetings.  Effective and open communication is the key to building a successful relationship.  Community partnerships are explored as students partake in activities such as skating, library visits and swimming lessons.  Providing opportunities for children to experience certain skills is an integral part of developing the whole child. 
St. Victor is a respectful community with professionals who support the growth, leadership and development of each and every child entrusted to them.  Leadership opportunities, working collaboratively and being proactive are all characteristics being instilled daily to the students that are fortunate enough to call themselves VIKINGS!!
We at St. Victor our proud of our many initiatives and look forward to working with our families to develop each child to be the best they can be by giving them a variety of opportunities which will allow them to soar to new heights.
Join us on our incredible journey where we offer a fun place to learn and grow every day!


J. Brault,