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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Admissions and Registration
Kindergarten Registration will begin for all Elementary Schools on
Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at
10:00 am EST.   Any registrations before that time will not be accepted. 
New students are always welcome to our school community.
For general information about admissions and registration, including the new online application process, please visit the main board website.  Please call St. Vincent de Paul CS for specific registration inquiries any time 416-393-5227.


Parent must Register/Create an Account before using SOAR

§create an account before using SOAR
§have access to their email
§open an e-mail sent to the parent and click a link within the email body confirm the account belongs to the parent
§use their email and password to login to SOAR and complete the Student Application Form online


Dear Parents/Guardians;
Kindergarten Registration will begin for all Elementary Schools on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 10:00 am EST.
Parents/guardians with children born in 2012 or earlier and who will be enrolling in Kindergarten, have the opportunity to apply on-line using the “Student On-line Admission and Registration” platform known as S.O.A.R. and found at the following link:
Parents will be able to complete an application for registration from the convenience of their own home, the office, a public library, or anywhere there is internet access, 24 hours a day.  The on-line application also offers access to translations in different languages with built-in help functions and features.
As part of the registration process, school staff will meet with parents.  These meetings may be scheduled on the electronic application or in person at the school.  During the meeting, school staff will verify the original documentation required for registration. This consists of a Baptismal Certificate, Birth Certificate and/or Passport, Immunization record, proof of residence and Application for Direction of School support.
Applications to register children in grades other than Kindergarten can also be completed on the online S.O.A.R. application. Please share this information with any parents/guardians with school aged children in the community.
As in previous years, an extensive promotional campaign will be launched throughout the City of Toronto, with paid advertisements in the local media, posters in public centers, through the board website and on vinyl banners for display on school property.
For further information, please contact our school office at (416-393-5227).  For general inquires or further information you may contact 416-222-8282 extension 5314 or visit our website at


Please be advised that St. Vincent de Paul CS does not provide bussing for any students at this schooplaque_footprint_shaped.gifl unless they are attending a special program at SVDP CS and this is not their home school.

For Full-Day Kindergarten, students must reside in the school catchment area (see area map below) or have a sibling already attending St. Vincent de Paul School.



Welcome to Kindergarten Night is May 19, 2016 in the FDK classrooms.  Please bring the child you are registering for JK/SK but no siblings.  Thank you



Voter Registration Form (Application for Direction of School Support - all students)

Registration Form for Extended French Grade 5-8 

(students coming specifically for Extended French in Grade 5-8)13003242-illustration-of-kids-going-to-school-with-bag-pack.jpg

Certificate of Catholicity (children who are not baptised but parent has a baptismal certificate)