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Dear Parents/Guardians,
What an extraordinary school year 2019-2020 turned out to be!!!  Who would ever imagine that we would be in such a predicament?! 
It seems a little odd to write a year end school message.  School as we traditionally know it, has been over for a little more than 3 months.  I certainly did not sign up for this form of schooling!  However, public health and safety, is the greatest concern. What a learning curve it has been for all of us!!
Thank you to all our SVDP families.  This has been such an unusual time for all of you.  Being a parent, while trying to provide your children with an at-home education and working full-time from home, was a very, very difficult task.  Being in this situation myself, I can attest that helping your own child(ren) with schoolwork, is not always a family bonding time so my hat is off to you all for doing the best you can during these unprecedented times! 
Thank you to the SVDP teachers and support staff. As you can imagine, it has also been a struggle for many of them. One day they were teaching students in the classroom, then a couple of days later, people who never used Google Classroom or some other online platform, were suddenly thrust into the world of online schooling.  It has been a learning curve for everyone.  The support that our staff provided not just to our parents and their children, but to each other, has been heart-warming.
Thank you as well to our Catholic School Parent Council. They have continued to be committed to helping make our school a great place!  As Principal, I am truly blessed to have such a committed, dedicated, and supportive CSPC, who believes in partnerships in Catholic Education.
Finally, congratulations to our Graduates!! It is my wish that every moment of your future be filled with health, happiness, joy, laughter, and success. As you begin the next chapter of your lives, I pray that God will bless you and keep you in His loving care. Remember to take risks, be kind, be a change agent, pray each day, look for challenges, set goals and expect great things of yourself, and work hard! Know that God is with you, guiding you and holding you in the palm of His hand.
Ms. L. Di Manno