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School History and Tradition

Animation of St. Vincent de Paul St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School had a modest beginning in 1914, in a store-front on Roncesvalles Avenue, with an enrollment of 35 students.
In 1918, the Sisters of Loretto came to St. Vincent de Paul Parish. A new building, with the date "1917" chiseled into the gable, opened its doors to students on April 18, 1918 on Westminster Avenue. In the early 1920's, the "new school" opened on Fermanagh Avenue.
Over the decades, these two sites have known many changes of buildings; however, school personnel have remained steadfast in their dedication to providing education for the students in a solid, Catholic tradition.

 "Strive to live content in the midst of those things that cause your discontent.  Free your mind from all that troubles you, God will take care of things.  Trust in him, and you will have the fulfillment of what your heart desires" - St. Vincent de Paul


St. Vincent School Prayer


O Holy St. Vincent
Patron Saint of love and charity
Come to our assistance.
Ask Jesus to help us appreciate God’s gifts of family and friends;
Gifts of food and shelter; gifts of love and joy;
and the gift of our school community.
As we grow, fill us with a special love and mercy for
those who are poor, sick, lonely or afraid.
 Help us to see Jesus in the faces of those we meet.
Give us the courage to share our gifts with others so that we may bring
Christ’s light and peace to our school, our homes and the world.
Dear Lord Jesus guide us in the footsteps of St. Vincent De Paul.