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School Schedules


School Day at St. Vincent de Paul CS


      JK-Grade 8

8:45           Teacher Supervision behind the school in the primary/Junior Yard -                       entrance off Westminster Avenue


9:00                School Day begins


10:12-10:27    Morning Recess - A

10:42-10:57    Morning Recess - B


11:45-12:10    ELP-Gr.4  Lunchtime consists of 20 mins inside to eat their lunch

                       Gr.5-8 are outside for Lunch Recess A

12:25-12:45    Gr.5-Gr.8 Lunchtime consists of 20 mins inside to eat their lunch

                       ELP-Gr4 are outside for Lunch Recess B


1:40-1:55        Afternoon Recess - A

2:10-2:25        Afternoon Recess - B 


3:30                Dismissal


3:45               Teacher Supervision ends in the primary/Junior Yard behind the school



Student Learning Success is linked to good attendance and being punctual.  When we are late, we interrupt the teacher's lessons and student learning. 
Be on Time and be Successful!