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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Quebec City 2014

Quebec City Day #1, Tuesday

The drive to Quebec went smoothly and we had 3 rest stops along the way. The scenery was beautiful We arrived at our hotel at 4:20 PM and our rooms are all on the 8 th floor of the hotel.

Supper was delicious and this was followed by a walking tour of old Quebec. Our evening ended with a Spark Show Down game with another visiting school; Pine Grove School‎ from Oakville.
The game consisted of answering questions on historical facts about Quebec. Christianna and Teresa represented our school. They did a great job. 
Quebec City Day #2, Wednesday
What a day, what a day.  Our tour guide Katherine is keeping us so busy we haven't had a minute to catch our breath.  My pedometer reads 19,300 steps and the day is not done.
Last night was quite the night.  All the student’s were too excited to settle down and yes I'm talking about the girls as well. ‎ My darling grade 8 boys were the most rambunctious of them all.  A couple of them were very brave and knocked on my door during the night.  A slight room change tonight will let them get more rest.
We finished the evening at the Sugar Shack with a marshmallow roast.  Miles ‎E was entertaining everyone with his camp horror stories.  His left foot slightly hurts but he continues to run and hop on it all around the camp fire.
Siobhan is playing her Ukulele and singing lovely songs with Alicia and Teresa.  They were singing "Lipstick "and "Mother Knows Best" from Rapunzel.  Daniel T bought $9.00 dollars worth of candy. Tastes pretty good.‎  Between the candy and maple syrup our boys have endless energy.
Ms. Sprules 
I loved our visit to the Huron village. We heard some great stories in a longhouse-a 20 feet high structure that would have housed 6 families! The kids were so respectful and well behaved and the visit inspired some interesting conversations afterwards. It was great to experience some of Quebec's non-european history.
Ms. Pedrosa
I‎ enjoyed the military training our students received at the Martello Tower. They learned how to load a musket and some discipline techniques used by the British army.  Parents, I guarantee they will come home very well behaved. 
Quebec City Day #3, Thursday
Today it rained the entire day. Thank goodness many of our students remembered to bring rain gear. The others got soaked. The Beaupré coast was beautiful and we visited St. Anne Bascilica and Notre Dame Church in Quebec City.  We didn't get a chance to reenact the battle of the Plains o‎f Abraham because it was raining too hard.
Our students got a chance to buy some local art work. The highlight of the day was visiting the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. We saw the works of Jean-Paul ‎Riopelle and Fernand Leduc. Students really appreciated the different styles and work of these artists .
Our day ended with a buffet dinner and evening dance with the students from Hazel McCallion ‎School in Mississauga . This was the build up to the big finale the students were waiting for. The music was very loud but nobody seemed to mind.
Mrs. Sprules 
I loved spending time in the modern art section of  the museum with our students! After some initial skepticism ("I could paint a canvas yellow!!") they got into it and were able to talk about meaning created by abstract representations. I was yet again impressed by their creativity and insight. St. Anne de Beaupre was also a highlight for me. And of course the dance!  Nothing better than pre-teen dance enthusiasm!
Ms. Pedrosa
This morning, we were lucky enough to taste some fresh baked bread from an outdoor stone fireplace. Delicious! Our guide Katherine was wonderful at pointing out aspects of the habitants' lives as we drove along the coast of the St. Lawrence. Many of us were disturbed to find out that dead bodies were kept in root cellars during long harsh winters in New France. Still, I don't think any of our students will have trouble sleeping after all that dancing! 
‎Mr. Caverhill
I am so happy to have had the chance to make my first trip to Quebec City with our amazing students from SVDP. It has been everything I had thought it would be, especially the trip to the érablerie! The‎ maple trees, forest, maple toffee on the snow, pure syrup, hot beans and fresh crêpes, fiddle music, spoon rhythms, line dancing and bonfires. Simply amazing, and an authentic Quebecois experience!
Keep posted for arrival details....
ETA Friday, June 13, 2014 between 8:00-8:30 pm.  Students are to be picked up at the front of the school



 Quebec City Grades 7&8 June, 2014


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Camp Olympia 2013

Our intermediate trip this year took us to Camp Olympia in Huntsville.  We had a fantastic 4 days of team building, leadership training, outdoor athlectics, education and adreneline rushes!  We zip lined, climbed the high ropes, problem-solved the low ropes, swung out over the lake on a giant swing, danced, went on nature walks and in general just had a fantastic time being together.  Some of us (Mrs. Sprules included) could have stayed forever.

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Visit the Camp Olympia Site at


Quebec City 2012

St. Vincent de Paul Grade 7 and 8 Intermediate Students are participating in an outstanding 4-day/3 night tour of Quebec City leaving May 15 at 6:30 am and returning May 18 @ approximately 7:30 pm.  Activities include: Beaupre Coast Driving Tour, Bicycle Tour - Lower Town and St. Lawrence River, Ecole de Cirque de Quebec, Guided Tour and Welcome Dance - Traditional Huron Site, Guided walking tour of Old Quebec with local guides as well as participating in the Sparktacular Adventure, Plains of Abraham Battle Reenactment and visiting Montmorency Falls and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Basilica.   Upon the student's reuturn, please meet your children at the front of the school for pick-up.

Update on the Intermediate Students Trip to Quebec City - May 16/11

 Tuesday, May 15/12

Arrived in Quebec City at 6:45 pm.  It was drizzling a bit.  Had a great supper and then went for a guided walking tour for 1.5 hours.  Back at hotel at 9:30 pm. Lights out at 10:30 pm (Mrs. Schneider and Mr. La Gamba located in the hotel on 4th floor with the boys.  Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Green on the 2nd floor with girls). Room next to Ms. Schneider was noisy.   Mrs. Schneider spoke to the darling boys and they promised to be quiet tonight.   It is important to remember Mrs. Schneider needs her beauty sleep.

Wednesday, May 16/12

Had a good breakfast.  We are now at Cirque de Soleil School and the kids are having a blast. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Schneider did try out the trampolines. Dear me!  No broken limbs to report.  Mr. La Gamba on the ropes.   What it is to be young!   Kids are having so much fun - they don't want to leave.  

All students received $10 for lunch. We had some free time so some of the students and teachers went to Simons in old Quebec. It's the popular department store chain in Quebec. Girls bought some nice tops.


At the Huron Wendake site four boys and one girl bought a bow and arrow set each which is about one metre in length. We are holding on to them until we can hand them over to parents.
At the sugar shack we had a true Quebecois dinner. For dessert we had pancake crepes that were absolutely delicious. The students each ate 3-4 with maple syrup. After dinner our students got up and were taught a traditional Quebecois dance. Only thing is that they would not pair up as girl-boy partners but as girl-girl or boy-boy partners. They are still so shy! Maybe we'll do some ballroom dancing next year for our intermediates.  Other students accompanied French Songs on wooden spoons- great fun and loud!  The evening ended with maple syrup dripped on ice. We rolled it up on a wooden stick and ate it.  Ms Martin and Ms Green said that it was way too sweet so they wouldn't have any.  Mr. La Gamba and Mrs. Schneider had some with the students. Everyone was on a sugar high on the ride back to the hotel in the evening.
Thursday, May 16 AM
Everyone is up bright and early and it's sunny and chilly outside. Two boys slept in (initials: G.F and N.M.) so the entire bus had to wait for them before departing for breakfast. The bus is a lot quieter today as some of the students are still sleepy. Heading out to breakfast.
We all had a lovely drive along the Beaupre Coast and visited St. Anne-de-Beaupre Basilica. It was very windy and chilly. Many of the boys insisted on wearing shorts though and they were cold. The Basilica has a relic of St. Anne, the mother of Mary, and grandmother of Jesus. The bone of her arm is encased in glass. Students prayed for intentions and took a lot of pictures.
Very impressed and moved that in one of the male rooms last night a group of 4 boys were praying when Mr. La Gamba and I did the night check at 10:30 pm. They prayed 3 Hail Marys, one Our Father, Glory Be and the prayer to St.Jude. The male student said that the prayer to St. Jude was given to him for Confirmation. So touching to see our youth devouted to prayer on a school trip. Thank you parents.
Short trip to Montmorency Falls. It is 1.5 times larger than Niagra Falls.  Bridge across the Falls actually shakes a bit when walking across it.  Don't worry we all made it.  A small children's playground in parkette close by. Strange thing is everytime we are near a playground all the students make a dive for it and play on the equipment. I hope they always remain children at heart. Everyone seems so happy.
Lunchtime the kids all want poutine or McDonalds with their 10.00 dollars. Such refined epicurians.
Thursday pm
Bicycle Tour in the afternoon was a really good workout for everyone. Yes all the teachers went, even Ms Martin. Everyone wore a helmut. We were cycling into the wind so it was double the work with pedaling. Daniel was in the back with me and keeping an eye on all the cyclists in front. Thanks Daniel!  Two students fell on the bicycle trail but I won't mention the names as parents you will worry. Everyone is fine though. No worries.
At Stoneham for the evening dance. It is actually a ski resort and reminds me of Horse Shoe Valley.  Our girls were so excited for so long about this dance. They all look so lovely. Most passed the hem test by me!  Boys dressed very relaxed and casual in shorts and t-shirts. Alright, some are wearing nice shirts. We have ironing boards in the hotel room so they pressed there own shirts.
The dance is on right now and they are having the time of their life. There is another school here as well. St. Matthew School from Mississauga is here dancing with our students. Very nice students as well.  Our kids are such great kids. I'm so proud of their behaviour so far.
I'm sitting away from the music writing this to give my ears a rest. Have to check on them now.
Special thanks to our great secretary Anushka for posting the updates and photos on our portal. If it wasn't for you Anushka these updates wouldn't be possible. Merci beaucoup.
Friday am
We were all up at 6:45 am and out of the Ambassador Hotel at 8:00 am. Had a great buffet breakfast at Tomas Tan. On the road by 9: 30 am.  Students are very quiet on the bus as they are tired. Right now we are watching the Walt Disney DVD Bedtime Stories.



Keep posted for estimated arrival information


 2012 Spring Quebec Trip


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