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Waste Free Lunch Program

 The Toronto Catholic District School Board remains committed to the environment and continues to look for innovative ways to promote conservation through energy and waste reduction initiatives.
The Board approved the introduction of a “Waste Free Lunch Program” at all elementary schools in 2010.  It was piloted at several elementary schools in and has been very successful resulting in a significant reduction in waste going to landfills. This program is an integral part of the TCDSB’s commitment to promote and teach our students the importance of being stewards of the earth. 
We are asking you to fully participate with your child as we introduce/expand/continue a “Waste Free Lunch Program” at our school this year.  Be part of helping us become leaders in this environmental friendly waste reduction program.  It involves the following three steps: 
1.      Lunches and snacks should be packed in re-usable containers not in disposable bags.
2.      In order to avoid spills, we ask you to use containers that are re-sealable.
3.      To ensure the safety of students who suffer life threatening, anaphylactic reactions please place all foods in reusable containers in their original package or wrapper. This will allow the food ingredients to be clearly indicated and help all staff and students to be aware of possible allergens introduced in the school environment.
4.      Left over food which can be disposed of in the green bin program available at your home will be brought back home in their containers by your child.
Our hope is that this practice at school and at home will teach all children to carry this awareness and behaviour with them as they grow into young adults.
Thank you for your ongoing support with our school’s environmental efforts.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.
Go Clean, Go Green, GO ECO TEAM