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St. Vincent de Paul Front Garden Makeover

The warmer spring weather has finally arrived and everyone is enjoying the sunshine.  St. Vincent de Paul School has received a fresh new look.  This past Saturday, Ms. Strong, Ms. Walker, Ms. Temor, Ms. S. Vieira together with parent/student volunteers gathered to make over our front school garden.  It has been looking rather neglected and forlorn for the last several years and now it has blossomed and come alive.  Bushes and trees were pruned or cut down. Flowers were planted in the front yard and along the fence and we are hoping to erect our play storage shed in the kindergarten yard in the north/west corner.  The purchase of the shed was made possible by the $1,000.00 dollar Speak Up grant we received.  Thank you to everyone for dedicating your time and several volunteer hours to make our school garden look splendid.  We ask that the parents and students keep an eye on our landscaping efforts when the school is closed and direct children away from the plants and bushes.
Go Clean, Go Green, GO ECO TEAM! 

ECO Team Front Garden Makeover

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