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Classroom Green Bin Program

We are pleased to inform you that the City of Toronto has extended the Green Bin program to all schools across the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The Green Bin Program separates organic food materials (kitchen waste) from the regular garbage stream. The Green Bin Program was introduced to City Residents in 2002 and to date 90% of the City’s single family homes participate in this collection. On April 29, 2013, Associate Directors Council approved the implementation of an organic waste separation program at all TCDSB sites. Attached(see below) you will find the City’s information guide and poster. This attachment identifies the different waste and recycling streams which will go into the different collection vessels.
The Toronto Catholic District School Board believes in the critical role that our Catholic schools play in promoting environmental responsibility and in providing leadership and direction for the protection and conservation of the environment. Please help your child(ren) to understand how we sort our garbage and how important it is to advocate for our earth. We will be distributing kitchen catchers to classrooms this week!
Thank you for your help on this very important initiative!
Go Clean, Go Green, Go Eco Team!
City Information Guide and Poster
 What Goes in the Green Bin?