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Toronto Catholic District School Board

LTTA - Mrs. Strong
Curriculum Expectation
Specific Expectations
3.2 describe what would happen if something in the local environment changed
3.3 identify ways in which they can care for and show respect for the environment
3.4 participate in environmentally friendly activities in the classroom and the schoolyard
Integrated Curriculum Expectations connections
Drama and Dance
D1:demonstrate an awareness of themselves as dramatic artists and dancers through engaging in activities in drama and dance.
D1.2:explore a variety of tools and materials of their own choice (e.g., blocks, puppets, flashlights, streamers) to create drama and dance in familiar and new ways
Artist’s Name
Amanda Davis
Date of LTTA Session
November, 22, and 26, 2013
December 2,12, and16, 2013
Title of Lesson delivered
Music Champions
Brief Summary what was covered
demonstrate an understanding of the natural world and the need to care for and respect the environment through movement and dance
Classroom Teacher’s Comments re: session
Great student engagement. Students discovered stewardship using their bodies to express their feelings about trees and the planet earth. Really helped students understand at their developmental level.
Students’ comments re: session
They always miss the artists when they leave and frequently ask when they will come back :)
How the session has extended into other learning experiences in the classroom
We have used the poems and songs we learned for lessons in our classroom. We always consider what is good for the earth and how we can care for nature and God’s creatures.
Mrs. Vieira and Ms. Fantetti
PROJECT GOALS:  To explore patterns and still life drawing
Overall Expectation P4: explore, recognize, describe, and create patterns, using a variety of materials in different contexts
P4.1 identify, create, reproduce, and extend repeating patterns through investigation, using a variety of materials
P4.2 identify and describe informally the repeating nature of patterns in everyday contexts
V3. use problem-solving strategies when experimenting with the skills, materials, processes, and techniques used in visual arts both individually and with others; V1. demonstrate an awareness of themselves as artists through engaging in activities in visual arts; V2. demonstrate basic knowledge and skills gained through exposure to visual arts and activities in visual arts; V4. express responses to a variety of visual art forms, including those from other cultures; V5. communicate their ideas through various visual art forms.