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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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Learning Through the Arts, a division of The Royal Conservatory of Music, has been partnering professional Artist Educators with teachers to teach the curriculum through creative, arts infused approaches for the past 20 years.
St Vincent students in the Music Champion Celebration Ms. Goncalves' Grade 2
The video of the math through dance project with Ms. Dix's Grade 5 class:
The video of SVDP Grade 2 students and Royal Conservatory student pianist Amadeusz, speaking about hope and music for the Music Champion Celebration: 
Created and developed by The Royal Conservatory, Learning Through the Arts® (LTTA) was launched in 1994. LTTA is now one of the most respected full school intervention programs in the world.  Learning Through the Arts® (LTTA) is a proven transformative educational program that uses arts-based activities to teach the core curriculum by providing teachers with creative tools to engage all students in math, science, language arts, social studies, and more.
LTTA brings specially trained artists, certified to help teach curricular requirements, into the classroom to work creatively in partnership with classroom teachers. Together they create lessons that make the core curriculum exciting and relevant to all students and learner types. For example, students are learning numeracy through dance, literacy through media arts, and science through music. It is now the largest full school intervention program in the world, reaching more than 377,000 students in the last ten years. Demand for LTTA continues to increase exponentially across North America and around the world.
At the conclusion of a three-year Queen’s University study, students in the LTTA program scored an average of 11 percentile points higher in math than their peers in non-LTTA schools.
With more than 45 studies on the effects of the LTTA program, the research has consistently shown benefits to not only students, but also teachers, principals, and LTTA artist-educators.
The hands-on programs fuse the arts, cognition, and curriculum in multiple learning paradigms, and are proven to enhance the capacity of teachers to teach, the ability of children to learn, and the potential of schools to inspire.
LTTA is:
  • One of the most extensive differentiated instruction programs in the world
  • The only program of its kind to specially train and certify artist-educators
  • The only arts-infused education program to demonstrate proven results through academic research1
LTTA evolved out of the premise that schools that encourage teachers to make learning and teaching participatory, active, and connected to the personal interests and learning style of each student are the most effective in achieving academic, social, and personal development in these students. Teachers, like students, also learn best through direct, hands-on experience.
Meeting the expectations of each respective Grades' curriculum


Our Music Champion teachers, Ms. Strong FDK, Ms. Pavesi Gr. 1, Ms. Goncalves, Gr. ½, Ms. Pinto Gr. 2 and Ms. Hewitt Gr. 2/3 had 3 Professional Development days provided by LTTA. Here is a sample of what our Music Champion Teachers learned  on June 14, 2014.
Professional Development Day 3 : Monday, June 16th  9:30 – 3:30
Theme : Best Practices Peer Sharing
Schedule for the Day
9:30 - 10:15      Welcome and Musical Leadership Skills Warm-up : Carlie Howell and Ciara Adams
10:15 - 10:45    Peer Sharing Circles : Artists in our Level 3 Professional Development Institute will be present to converse in small groups with Music Champion Teachers and Music Champion Artist Educators.  
                         This is an opportunity for you to share your experiences and expertise as a teacher, and gain knowledge and inspiration back from Artist Educators!
10:45 – 11:00    Break
11 - 11:45         Technology and Songwriting : Shawnna Purkis and Rita Desai from Smithfield Middle School, together with Artist Educator Ciara Adams 
                         This best-practice lesson developed in Grade 6 classrooms incorporates learning in language and media and incorporates the use of iPads to create music. Rita Desai will take the lead on using developing the theme and working with                            language to create lyrics, and Shawna Purkis will guide us in using technology.
11:45 - 12:00    Video Presentation : Neil McLeod from Kimberly Public School together with Artist Educator Lauren Best
                          This presentation will highlight the recording process that Neil McLeod lead his grade 4/5 students through, of the song they created with artist-educator Lauren Best about plants and habitats.
12:00 - 1:00      Lunch
1:00 - 1:15        Musical Community Building : Lauren Best
1:15 - 2:45  
Social Justice Songwriting and Theatre Creation : Alain Aeschelmann and Dana Herescu from Broadlands Elementary together with Artist Educator Ciara Adams
This best-practice lesson developed in Grade 1/2 classrooms uses the story of Arthur and the Dragon as a springboard into the theme of discrimination. Alain will teach us the song his students wrote, and Dana will lead us through the                          creation of gestures. Next each teacher will demonstrate how they explored the topic of discrimination through drama.
Movement and Math : Maggie DeSantis from Stilecroft Elementary, together with Artist Educator Lauren Best
This best practice lesson developed in a grade 2/3 classroom uses "talk-through dance" (dances that provide instructions along with the dance moves) such as Howdown Throwdown and the Time Warp as a starting place. Maggie Desantis will introduce the strategy and then, conclude with leading us through creating choreography that explores motion geometry.
International Raps : Penny Tsouluhas from Beaches Alternative School, together with Artist Educator Lauren Best.
This best practice lesson developed in a grade 1/2 classroom will begin with a fun rap about the composer Mozart to teach us about rhythm and beat.  Next in small groups, we'll do some research about countries                                                              from around the world, and apply our newly acquired musical skills to write our own international raps.  Finally, we'll use thematic homemade instruments to perform for one another.
2:45- 3:00         Break
3:00 - 3:30        Reflection and Closing Activities