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EarlyON Child and Family Centre

The TCDSB Early ON Child & Family Centres are located in 19 of our TCDSB Elementary Schools offering early learning programs & services for parents/caregivers & children ages 0-6 years old in our TCDSB school communities. 

The TCDSB Early ON Child & Family Centres are currently offering online programs & services to families during the covid-19 pandemic such as:

  • Interactive fun, stimulating early learning activities provided by qualified Early Childhood Educators to do at home such as; art, science, literacy, math, cooking, physical activities & more!
  • Interactive & pre-recorded engaging circle and story times to enjoy!
  • Adult/parent workshops & helpful information sessions.
  • Access to community information, resources & professionals.
  • Phone consultations with Early Childhood Educators for parenting tips, support and information related to parenting & family matters. 

The TCDSB Early ON Child & Family Centres help families & children stay connected during covid-19 and also helps children prepare for kindergarten! 

We look forward to seeing families online as we await our in-person services to re-open at a date yet to be determined. 

Until then we welcome families to join us online and school Principals to please share this information with your teachers, students, younger siblings, families and colleagues or community partners. 

For more information, please visit our board website or please contact the Parent Facilitator at St. Wilfrid EarlyON - Vinita Dias:​.​​​​​​​​