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School History And Tradition

St. Wilfrid Catholic School was founded in 1966 and named after Saint Wilfrid. st wilfrid young.jpg

Wilfird, originally spelled Wilfrith, was born in England in 634 AD.  He was born to a noble family and travelled to Rome at an early age to learn more about Roman culture. He also lived in Lyons, France, for three years where he completed his studies.  

Wilfrid returned to England in 658 where he was elected Abbott of Ripon and introduced the Roman rules and practices to northern England.  He was appointed Bishop of York in 669.  Wilfrid worked passionately to open many monasteries of the Benedictine Order.

In 703, he resigned his post and retired to his monastery at Ripon where he spent his remaining days in prayer and penitential practices.  Wilfrid died in 709.

St. Wilfrid was an outstanding dignitary of his time.  He was an extremely hardworking and courageous person who remained firm in his beliefs regardless of what other authority figures wanted him to do. He helped bring the discipline of the English Church into line with that of Rome. He was also a dedicated pastor and skilled missionary. 
St. Wilfrid's feast day is October 12th.  
Our school is widely known for the dedication of its teaching staff and parent community and its excellence throughout the years. The school motto portrays two hands clasped in shared friendship between adult and child, and its commitment to integrity, perseverance and excellence.