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Special Education

St. Wilfrid aims to provide all English Language Learners with the opportunity to develop skills in English, while fostering a sense of school community based on our Catholic beliefs and Traditions.  Since our students come with a wide variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, our school hopes to provide specialized language programs that help develop the level of their English proficiency.

Roots of Empathy

Established in 1996, ROE is an award-winning, evidence based classroom programme that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression among children while raising social/emotional competence, parenting skills, and ultimately increasing empathy. This programme fosters the development of empathy through discussion and activities in subjects including Religious Education and Family Life Education, literature, math, music, art, and science.
Once a month, a baby and his/her parent, join the class.  Under the facilitation of the Roots of Empathy Instructor, Mrs. Szkaley the students observe the baby’s growth and development and predict what the baby will be able to do by the next visit.  The baby is measured and weighed at each visit. The students observe many developmental milestones such as reaching for a toy, rolling over, sitting up, and perhaps, eventually, crawling and walking.  The students learn about child development in a very concrete manner as it unfolds in front of them, and as they share observations of “their baby” at work and play.