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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Introducing Homework Help!
Helpful Mathematics Homework Links for Parents
Homework Help provides free, real-time help to our students taking Grade 7 to 10 Mathematics.  It allows them to get help after school hours, when teachers or parents are unavailable to help.  It can help students with answering homework questions, reviewing material from previous grades, and studying for tests, exams or the EQAO tests.  But remember – it is “homework help” not “homework do” – the tutors are there to support the students and work through questions to help them be more confident learners and better understand the math.
The Tutor Chat Rooms are open 5 nights a week, for 4 hours each night, and can be accessed as much or as little as needed.  Besides the Chat Rooms, there are other tools available on the website as well:
1) Locker - automatically saves the sessions with turors
2) Glossary - provides definitions and examples for various math terms and concepts

3) Listen & Learn, Tutorials and Best Sessions - allows students to watch how-to videos or use interactive tools for specific topics

4) Calculator - provides acces to a scientic calculator online

Homework Help Website

Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 – 9:30 pm

See Helpful Mathematics Homework Help for full instructions on how to access this site.