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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal`s Message

The Divine Infant in 2017-2018

What a great beginning to a new school year this has been. Thank you to all the parents, students, staff, and friends of the community who have welcomed me to The Divine Infant and made me feel very much at home. 

Last year our school was deemed a "High Achieving School" by TCDSB and it is a title we are working to keep. This year, we will continue working on all the great endeavours begun last year, especially on the strong numeracy focus, with a view to further promoting student achievement and success on standardized assessments.  

In addition, teachers are using moderated marking, precision instruction and success criteria in Literacy to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Our junior grades teachers are also working closely with board resource teachers to pilot the new junior grades TCDSB language support program.

Our staff and students are active in a variety of sports teams and school clubs. We will be visiting other schools and sites, as well as hosting here at The Divine Infant various sports and academic teams, including cross country, Me to We, volleyball, basketball, soccer, W5H, and track and field.

Our school will continue to strongly promote Christian Social Values and Justice. Our staff and students are fast at work building awareness and creating initiatives with an end to supporting charities, both local and global.

We will also gather as a school community monthly to celebrate liturgies, paraliturgies, and student virtues of the month.

We look forward to continued parent support and participation. You are always welcome at The Divine Infant Catholic School.