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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Recess fun
The students at The Divine Infant Catholic School know how to enjoy this fabulous Canadian winter weather.  Their creative endeavours lead them to design futuristic structures.  One structure was reminiscent of Stonehenge - the famous prehistoric monument.
At The Divine Infant we ensure that students are dressed for the weather and we encourage them to use their recess time enjoying the fresh air and getting some healthy physical fitness.  It is also a good time to collaborate with friends. 
The students of The Divine Infant have created humongous snowballs all around the fields. These snowballs have been created by our marvellous junior classes, along with the help of our intermediate students. These students had all kinds of fun in this Canadian winter: building snowballs, creating forts, making snow angels. This was a very enjoyable experience, especially for our kindergarteners and grade 1s and 2s. This winter had made their recesses an unforgettable one.   
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