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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Student at The Divine Infant shows Gratitude


On November 10th, Trustee Garry Tanuan visited The Divine Infant Catholic School to congratulate Matthew Lerit, student, on his gratitude story. The story demonstrated the wonderful virtue of charity and compassion. See below for Matthew’s story “On Gratitude”:


On Gratitude

On October 18, we had a regional meet for Cross Country. A lot of people attended the 2017-18 Cross Country meet. Congratulations to the people that made it to divisionals and regionals.


My name is Mathew Lerit and I was part of the Grade 5 team. At the start, many people got pushed so I was scared. When the Grade 5 boys got called I got so nervous that I might get pushed. When we were on the starting line everybody was shivering, so I thought "good i'm not the only one that's so nervous". So when the horn honked, I was running as fast as I could, but then I sprained my ankle on a slope and fell. I got really hurt.


My teammates Vincent and Emmanuele were ahead of me. They both stopped and looked back and saw that I was limping and crying. Vincent came back and helped me get up and walked me to one of the marshals. I felt really bad and mad for him that he stopped during the race but at the same time I was very thankful that he helped me.


I want to give a BIG thanks to Vincent Montejo!



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