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School History And Tradition

Venerable John Merlini was born in Spoleto, Italy on August 28, 1795. He was a disciple of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, where he continued with hismissionary work, traveling untiringly the roads of Italy and conducting popular missions in which he preached the reconciling power of the blood of Christ. He directed and developed the Missionary Society of the Precious Blood in Italy and abroad.

Renowned for sanctity, he died in Rome on January 12, 1873. His body lies near that of St. Gaspar in the Church of Santa Maria in Trivio. On June 22, 1972, Pope Paul VI declared his virtue heroic and ordered the decree to be published to that effect.

Venerable John Merlini Catholic School community was established in September 1981 in the shared lease facility with the Whitfield Public School Community of the North York Board of Education. The community was composed of families from the St. Gaspar and St. Roch Catholic School communities, who lived south of Steeles Avenue and west of Islington Avenue. In 2002, St. Gaspar Catholic School merged with Venerable John Merlini to become one school.

The school community is in St. Roch's Parish. All of the Society of the Precious Blood are indispensable members of our religious education programme. They help us in teaching the Gospel Values and providing opportunities for our students, staff and parents to participate in liturgies.