Ten students posing with classroom materials and backpacks in a school hallway.

Remote/Virtual Learning: Summer School

These courses are offered through a mixture of synchronous (80%) and asynchronous (20%) instruction. The synchronous component of classes will be using either Brightspace D2L or Google Classroom with Zoom or Google Meet. Synchronous Learning occurs when the teacher interacts with a student or group of students in real-time either online or through other means in relation to the course content, lessons, or assessment tools. Students are expected to be connected to their class during the posted times.

*Remote learning is only available to students who are currently enrolled in school.

Course Offerings - Remote Learning: Summer School - Upgrading Courses

UPGRADING COURSES: These courses enable students to obtain one full credit by repeating 55 hours of instruction. Students must have a minimum mark of 35%. Students may register for a maximum of two upgrading credit courses this summer during session one remote learning in either morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) time slots.

Information last updated on June 26, 2024

** Registration for Remote Learning is closed **