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For Parents
Parent Handbook
Mission Statement for the Catholic Schools of Ontario
Catholic education is a process through which the community of the school, the home and the Church develops within its students a way of living which embodies the life of Jesus Christ.
  • To develop a deep personal relationship with God so that it manifests itself in daily life.
  • To develop a love for the Church and the family of God's people.
  • To develop an appreciation and understanding of the personal worth and dignity of oneself, as well as every man, woman and child.
  • To learn to adapt to change intelligently by applying knowledge and skills taught.
  • To value the arts and sciences and be appreciative of the countless ways in which they can contribute in the expression of the Glory of God.
  • To prepare to make a useful contribution to society and to assume the responsibilities required as a member of society.
Student discipline lies in the development of the Christian dimensions and self-discipline of each child. The code of behaviour for Our Lady of Peace was established to encourage our children to grow and develop spiritually, academically, and socially. The co-operation of home, school and church will ensure progressive achievement towards these goals.

  • To display a positive attitude towards the school.
  • To respect the dignity and rights of all people.
  • To behave appropriately during all school programs, on and off the school premises.
  • To use appropriate language in and around the school buildings.
  • To attend school regularly and punctually.
  • To be prepared for classes with completed assignments and necessary materials.
  • To abide by the general rules of school and classroom decorum.
  • To seek and to accept extra help from teachers when required.
  • To treat all school property and equipment with care.
  • To dress appropriately both for school and the activities planned for the day (i.e. gym, liturgies, excursions).
  • To respect community members and their property while coming to, or leaving from school, and while on school-sponsored excursions.
Failure to meet the outlined expectations may result in a variety of consequences depending upon the individual student and the nature of the issue. Each incident will be dealt with by the staff at Our Lady of Peace in a fair and consistent manner. In the event of undesirable behaviour by a pupil the following disciplinary measures may be applied:
a) An appropriate detention or loss of privileges
b) Telephone calls or letters home
c) Think paper
d) Discipline report
e) Request for parent interviews
f) Persistent and habitual, or very serious offences may result in suspension.
Breaches of discipline will be dealt with by individual teachers. The Principal will deal with students whose behaviour is of a serious nature. We appreciate the co-operation of parents in disciplinary matters.

Morning Session - 9:00a.m - 12:05p.m. (Kindergarten 9:00a.m-11:35a.m.)
Afternoon Session - 1:05p.m. - 3:30p.m.
Recess - 10:45a.m. - 11:00a.m.
2:10p.m. - 2:25p.m.
Recess is a time for outdoor activity. Students may not re-enter the building without a teacher's permission. During inclement weather conditions, indoor recess will be announced from the office. Students must stay in their classrooms during an indoor recess period. Teachers on yard duty will be on hall supervision.
To ensure the safe arrival of students, parents are requested to:
  • inform the school of their child's absence before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence (a message may be left on the school's answering machine at (416) 393-5253).
  • send a note, stating reason for absence, on the child's return to classes.
  • In the event that your child is absent and the school has not been notified, you will be contacted at home or work to verify your child's absence.
Pupils should develop the habit of being punctual for classes. Lateness disrupts all other members of the class and promotes lack of responsibility. Late-comers must report to the office before entering class.
When a child becomes sick or is injured, parents will be notified. It is essential for the school to have a current telephone number at which a parent or guardian can be reached immediately. It is not the policy of the school to send a child home unattended.
Early dismissals may be arranged at any time with the signed request of a parent and the consent of the principal. Parents, however, are encouraged to make appointments or plan social activities outside school hours whenever possible.
The TCDSB provides bus service for any pupil who lives 1.5 kilometres or more from the school. The board also provides minibus transportation for junior and senior kindergarten students at lunch hour. Rules for the bus are as follows:
  • be on time and wait for the bus at the designated pick-up point
  • wait for the bus in an orderly fashion
  • when the bus arrives, board in single file
  • wear seatbelts when provided
  • remain seated while the bus is in motion
  • engage in polite conversation
Students are responsible to the principal, as well as the bus driver, for their conduct on the school bus. Student misbehaviour will be reported to parents. If the misbehaviour persists, the offending child/children will be prohibited from using the bus.

Whenever possible pupils are encouraged to go home for lunch. Eating at home or with a child sitter provides a natural exercise break. Valid reasons for students eating lunch at school are:
  • both parents working outside the home
  • distance from school
  • involvement in extra-curricular activities
Children who eat lunch at school are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the noon hour. Children who remain for lunch are expected to:
  • remain seated while eating;
  • place all garbage in containers provided;
  • use normal speaking voices (i.e. no shouting) and respectful language when talking to one another;
    be co-operative and courteous to all supervisors.
A student's repeated failure to observe lunch procedures could result in a denial of those privileges. It is also strongly recommended that students do not leave school premises to purchase lunch. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

All visitors to the school are asked to first report to the office. If a parent wants to drop something off for their child, or pick them up for a medical appointment, they are asked to come to the office. We will contact the class.

The TCDSB admission policy is that Catholic education be made available to every child who is a Roman Catholic and whose parents are separate school supporters. Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes are on a half day basis. The age of admittance is
Junior Kindergarten - 4 years by December 31st
Senior Kindergarten - 5 years by December 31st
Grade 1 - 6 years by December 31st
Throughout the year a number of opportunities are provided for students to become involved in contributing to various charitable organizations. Some of the annual charities we sponsor include Share life, Dr. Simone, Holy Child Association, the Good Shepherd Refuge and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
All students are expected to wear the school uniform. This is a specific outfit which can be purchased through the Parent Council. Its colours consist of blue, white and grey.
Students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed, that is , neat and clean in a manner that reflects the spirit of a Catholic school. Torn clothing, T-Shirts with outlandish logos or expressions, skimpy tops and short-shorts or other similar attire are not considered appropriate dress.
For physical education classes, students are expected to change into suitable clothing. This consists of shorts or track pants, T-shirt or sweatshirt and running shoes. For the primary classes, running shoes will suffice.
A variety of extra-curricular activities are offered to enrich your child's experience at Our Lady of Peace. Many of these activities require before and after school practice or preparation at home. Your help, support, and encouragement of your child's involvement in these activities are greatly appreciated. Some of the activities offered may include:
ACADEMIC: public speaking, W5H, literary contests
ATHLETIC: volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country, baseball, primary soccer house leagues.
THE ARTS: chess club, instrumental music, art contests.
It is an understood policy of the school that those children whose class work and behaviour are not up to expectations, will be excluded from participation in an activity.
Our Lady of Peace is an Early French Immersion School, offering French in Senior Kindergarten. This is a full time program with French being taught 100% of the day. English is taught for 25% in grade 3 and 4 and 50% of the time beginning in grade 5. Classes in English are also offered for those students not in the Early French Immersion Program.
Please label your child's belongings (on the inside) to facilitate identification of lost items. There is a Lost and Found bin located on the lower level by the main doors. Articles not claimed at the end of each term will be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
The Our Lady of Peace School Council is a group of concerned parents, working to meet the needs of students and the school community. Our Council organizes activities for the benefit of your children. All parents are encouraged to participate in Council activities, attend meetings and volunteer their help to benefit their children.
Parents wishing to volunteer their services and/or talents with the school are asked to contact the school principal.
Formal parent-teacher conferences are held twice each year, after reports are sent home in December and April. If at any time you have concerns regarding your child's progress, you are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.
An official school report will be sent out to the parents three times during the year. Parents should retain their copy of this statement of achievement for future reference. A copy of each report will be placed in the student's Ontario Student Record.
In conjunction with your family and the parish, the school assists with the preparation of students for the reception of the following sacraments:
Reconciliation - Grade 2
First Communion - Grade 2
Confirmation - Grade 7
Parents of the students who have not received any of these sacraments, should inform the school so that arrangements can be made to include their children in both the instruction and the reception.
Each school is assigned a Social Worker, an Assessment and Programming Teacher, and a Psychologist. These consultants are in the school at least once a month to meet with teachers. They are involved in the testing of students, classroom observations, and consultation. These are carried out in response to teacher and parent requests and if required, special programs will be set up. The Social Worker consults with parents in response to their requests or as a result of a team consultation.
Items with a monetary or sentimental value should not be brought to school. The school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. All walkman radios, hand held computers and other valuable electronic equipment are not to be brought to the school.