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School History and Tradition 

St. Dunstan Catholic School opened in September 1923 in the form of a portable, two-room school. To give you an idea of what it was like, I quote Miss Hilda Myers, the first principal: “Without any foundation--a flat roof and tinned walls set in a spacious field--the school was the rendezvous (point) of the cold winds that swept down from those open spaces to the north. I don't think we shall ever forget that first winter. We would gather around the old stove to thaw out before class began and I think it was here that the wonderful spirit of friendliness and loyalty--the true spirit of St. Dunstan's--was born".


In 1945, construction started on a permanent structure, which today forms the south portion of the school. In 1967, a new section was added to the north end of the 1945 structure to form the building as we see it today.


At St. Dunstan the staff and students work very hard to nurture that wonderful spirit of friendliness and loyalty that the first principal mentioned, and to combine that with high standards of academic excellence.


Our Patron Saint

Our school is named after St. Dunstan (born circa 909), an English monk from the town of Glastonbury. After serving at the royal court, he joined the monastery of Glastonbury, where he became Abbot around 943. He carried out a thorough reform of the monastery, making it a famous center of learning. In 957, he was made Bishop of Worcester. Later on, he became Bishop of London and in 961, Bishop of Canterbury. He died on May 19, 988, after 27 years as bishop.