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School History And Tradition

 Our school is named after St. Kevin, who is one of the principal patrons of Dublin, Ireland. He lived during the 6th century and founded the celebrated abbey of Glendalough, which became one of the four main pilgrimage places of Ireland. Seven visits to Glendalough are equivalent to one pilgrimage to Rome.

This quatrain describes St. Kevin: “A soldier of Christ into the land of Ireland, a high name over the sea's wave; Coemgen the pure, bright warrior, in the glen of the two broad lakes.”

St. Kevin is said to have died at the age of 120. His feast is celebrated throughout Ireland on June 3. The St. Kevin Catholic School community attempts to do honour to this great saint in its Catholic teaching and in all school and community activities. We are committed to our tradition of excellence in education from junior kindergarten to grade 8.

 St. Kevin first opened in 1964 with an enrollment of 518 students.