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IMPORTANT:    TCDSB has only five recommended homestay providers: “YES Homestay”, “Canada Homestay Network”, "MLI Homestay", "Trust Homestay" and "Edu Plus International Education"
重要讯息:本教育局目前只四个被推荐的住宿家庭供应商,他们是: “YES Homestay” “Canada Homestay Network” "Edu Plus International Education" "Trust Homestay"  "MLI Homestay".
TCDSB recommends that students do not arrange a homestay with any other homestay providers. Homestay providers not recommended by TCDSB will be chosen at your own risk. 若选择其他寄宿家庭供应公司,各下需将自行承担风险
In partnership with YES Homestay, Canada Homestay Network, MLI Homestay Trust Homestay and Edu Plus International Education we provide students with exceptional placement during their time in Toronto. Placements are organized through YES Homestay, Canada Homestay Network, MLI Homestay, Trust Homestay and Edu Plus International Education.
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Homestay families are matched with each student based on personality, and on the basis of proximity to school of the homestay family address. International students are welcomed into the home with open arms. They are treated with the same respect and care as a family member to ensure the best possible experience.

There is availability for homestay locations in all areas of the city. For more information or to inquire about availability, please contact either YES Homestay  or  Canada Homestay Network or MLI Homestay or Trust Homestay or Edu Plus International Education


Homestay provides a first-hand look at Canadian home life and the opportunity to practice your new language skills in a relaxed environment.
Contact YES Homestay via WeChat:
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Contact EDU Plus Education
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Contact Trust Homestay
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If you have any further questions about our program, please contact us at: