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Post-Secondary Information

On this page, you can find relevant information related to post-secondary schools.

Ontario University Information

  • Online applications are completed on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. Your guidance counsellors can assist you with the application process.

  • All university program information is available on Ontario Universities' Info. Use this website to research any university program, entrance requirements and grade averages required by universities. Residence and scholarship information, as well as campus visitation information is also available on the site.

    • Students should be encouraged to visit the universities, so that they can address specific questions that they may have regarding their status, and explore the services available to international students at the university.

Ontario College Information

  • Visit Ontario Colleges for information regarding programs, deadlines and application information. It has information regarding the application process for international students.

University and College Requirements

  • University-bound students must have ENG4U1 and 5 other U or M courses (which include the university program prerequisites), in order to qualify for university.

  • Acceptance average is based on these six courses.

  • College-bound students must have ENG 4C1 and required courses and averages for program choices.

ON Transfer is a useful guide for college to university transfer.

Language Requirements

  • Proof of English proficiency is required for students who have been in the country for 4 years or less.

  • English proficiency test, such as IELTS, will be required. Visit My ETC for more information.

  • Ontario Universities' Info is a great resource and provides the language requirements for each of the Ontario universities.

  • For colleges, official results from an English proficiency test are sent to ontariocolleges.ca in a sealed envelope from the organization; some colleges may also ask students to take a college assessment test before being accepted as a full-time student.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • Scholarship Information can be found at:

  • International students may not be eligible for all Canadian scholarships. Students should check criteria and applicable websites.

  • When completing scholarship applications scholarships, check the criteria, dates of submission and any other important information. If letters of reference are required from your principal, guidance counselor or a teacher, please ensure that you provide enough time for them to complete the letters.

Heading to a University in the United States

  • SAT or ACT evaluation must be written by students planning to attend university in the United States. Information is available at College Board.

Study Permit and Visa Information

  • Information regarding student permit extensions can be found at Extended Study Permit.

  • A study permit allows a student to study at a Canadian college or university. It is required for the duration of a student’s studies. A visa allows a person to enter Canada. Depending on the citizenship status, a student may need a visa in addition to a study permit to enter Canada as an International student. Please review this with your custodian and parent.

  • Renewal applications should be submitted a minimum of 3 months in advance.