The front of the school building.

About Us

St Cecilia Catholic School is growing by leaps and bounds! We are located in the Junction on the edge of Bloor West Village. We pride ourselves in being a neighborhood school where parents have a choice between two dynamic programs: English and French Immersion. We have two big playgrounds, one known as the “castle” where families gather after school. The original 1914 part of the school has big classrooms, high ceilings, original wood wainscoting and brand new windows! Our newly painted gym and front stairway mural are indicative of the pride and care we take in the school and each other.

Our Eco school work focuses on taking care of our environment and has achieved Gold status for the past three years! Staff and students are working in four key areas to achieve this status: energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school ground greening.

Our ‘Me to We’ initiative supports the gospel example of doing for others and the Three Cs: compassion, courage and commitment to community. We continue to raise funds for the building of a school in Sierra Leone in Africa, participate in Sharelife, collect food for the needy and contribute to the St. Vincent de Paul society during Advent. Ubi Caritas et amor, Deus ibi estWhere there is charity and love, God is there.

All of the above initiatives tie into our safe school commitment to providing students with a safe, inclusive and healthy school environment. Our code of behaviour emphasizes mutual respect, conflict resolution and self-discipline. Long ago, our patron Saint Cecilia spent her short life as a dedicated follower of Jesus and displayed the qualities of leadership, courage, integrity and gentleness. At St. Cecilia today, these characteristics are encouraged through the way we speak to one another and through are actions. The legacy of the past empowers us to make the most of today’s opportunities.

The front of the school building.

Mission Statement

We at St. Cecilia Catholic School endeavour to promote a welcoming community based on trust and mutual respect, where all individuals feel that they are valued and belong. We develop our spirituality through prayer, reflection and celebration whilst living out our faith. We encourage students to open their hearts to God, their minds to learning, and their talents to service. As a community of learners, we strive for excellence, unlocking the full potential of each individual, leading to their development into confident and independent learners who value and live their faith. As we journey together with Christ, we seek to engender the joy and wonder of learning through celebrating God's love in our lives and by encouraging within each child a love for learning and a desire to do one’s best.

Our School History and Tradition

Father Joseph McCann, a priest at St. Helen's Church, purchased land on Edwin Avenue in November 1887 to establish a new Catholic Church and school. Originally, the parish was to be named after St. Charles. According to historical records, however, the first school - a small wooden structure - was named St. Mary's.

In 1890, the school was replaced with a brick building and renamed St. Cecilia's. Legend has it that St. Cecilia, the patron saint of sacred music, was chosen as the new name because the Heintzman Piano factory stood in view, across the railway tracks, from the school. The present St. Cecilia's Church, at the corner of Annette Street and Pacific Avenue, was opened in 1909, replacing a smaller structure first occupied in 1895. Father Eugene Gallagher was the pastor.

The present St. Cecilia Catholic School, at the corner of Annette Street and Evelyn Avenue, opened in 1914, with additions in 1918, 1954 and 1964. The school's first teachers and administrators were the Loretto Nuns, who lived in the former Heintzman family residence at Annette and Laws Streets, providing another musical connection with St. Cecilia.

Today the proud tradition of Catholic education continues at historic St. Cecilia Catholic School, home of the Tigers!