First photo, a family of parents and their children pose in the school courtyard. Second photo, a student lays his head on his mother's shoulder while they are sitting on the school courtyard seatwall. Third photo, parents and grandmother are sitting on the courtyard seatwall with their three children. Fourth photo, a group of parents pose with their students while droppping them off at school.

St. Charles Garnier Catholic School

Parent Council

The mandate of the St. Charles Garnier School Parent Council is to provide meaningful input to the Principal on a number of significant areas that lead to school improvements, such as:

  • Student Behaviour

  • School Curriculum

  • Student needs

  • School growth and improvement plans

  • Providing input and criteria for the selection of school principals

  • Fundraising activities

  • Ensuring that the Catholic system of education is fostered

  • Promoting and supporting the best interests of the school community

  • The advisory council also attempts to enable parents and students to assume a more responsible and active role in education programs and services

Elections are held each year and membership on the School Parent Council is determined in the following ways:

  • Parents shall be elected by parents and guardians of students enrolled in the school.

  • The chair of the council shall be a member who is also a parent and shall be elected by the council

  • Community representatives shall be elected by the council

  • The student representative shall be elected by students

  • The school principal shall be a designated member

  • The teacher representative shall be elected by members of the teaching staff

  • The non-teaching staff member shall be elected by members of the non-teaching staff

Agendas and Minutes

For archived agendas and minutes, contact the parent council or school principal.