The front of the school building.

About Us

At St. Clare Catholic School, we are committed to providing an excellent and well-rounded Catholic education rooted in Gospel values, that aims at developing each child’s uniqueness and potential, within a safe, respectful and caring learning environment.

In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, the mission of St. Clare, in harmony with the mission of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), is to educate students to their full potential. This is achieved by providing a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of a Christian community, by the integration of Gospel Values into the total learning experience, and by providing continual feedback on student progress. We seek to provide a Catholic education that will enable our students to become responsible and self-disciplined lifelong learners, and members of a caring local and global community.

We envision students who:

  • Are formed in the Catholic faith.

  • Are physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced to be open to and apply Christian values to life’s opportunities, challenges and choices.

  • Strive for personal academic excellence in literacy, numeracy and technology.

  • Display self-worth and self-respect.

  • Display a concern and respect for others.

  • Demonstrate skills for developing and maintaining personal wellness.

  • Demonstrate global perspective and community responsibility.

Our school community believes that, by demonstrating our faith in God and respect for each other, we can create a safe, caring and collaborative environment that promotes lifelong learning and celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals.

The front of the school building.

Our School History and Tradition

  • 1910 - A four-room school at 1114 St. Clair Ave. West is opened. Enrolment is about 60 students, with one teacher.

  • 1915 - The Sisters of St. Joseph are asked to assist at St. Clare School, with Sr. St. Brigid as the principal.

  • 1925 - The Brothers of the Christian Schools join the staff, taking on the task of operating the Boys' School. Boys and girls are taught separately and play in separate yards.

  • 1935 - Enrolment swells to 530 students. Additions are made to the building over the years, increasing the number of classrooms to 12.

  • 1959 - An addition is added to the original building to increase the number of rooms to 24. A new school is erected on Northcliffe Ave., which becomes the Boys' School. The girls remain in the original building.

  • 1963 - A second new building is completed on Northcliffe Ave. The Girls' School relocates there. The original building is occupied by the primary grades.

  • 1967 - The last year the Brothers of the Christian Schools are with St. Clare. The boys and girls are amalgamated into one school. Enrolment is 1400 students.

  • 1978 - Harmony Childcare Centre is opened on site, offering full day care for preschoolers as well as before and after care to local school children.

  • 1982 - The original school is demolished. The site is converted into a parkette, officially named "Piazza Santa Chiara".

  • 1982 - Extended French program is introduced for Grades 5 to 8.

  • 1983 - Italian Heritage Language is introduced.

  • 2010 - St. Clare Catholic School celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

The partnership of teachers, parents and parish, dedicated to the spiritual, academic and personal growth of our students continues.