Left, three students in uniform listening in class. Middle, two students in uniform taking notes in class. Right, a student in uniform making crafts in class.

About Us

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The front of the school building.

Mission Statement

St Dominic Savio Catholic School is a Christian Community in which everyone expects to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Our aim is to help everyone accept ownership for their academic, personal and spiritual development.

About the School 

The St. Dominic Savio Catholic School community is committed to the overall spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, psychological and physical development of every student in its charge. More specifically, we are committed to providing a full education for our students in a caring and God-centered atmosphere where each person is seen as a well-loved and valued individual.

As a community of faith, teachers, support staff, students, church and parents encourage, foster and promote the development of the whole person. We seek growth as responsible individuals rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As educators, we believe that a creative, productive and enjoyable learning environment is in the best interest of our students.

Developing good interpersonal relationships and a positive atmosphere is the most effective method of promoting an effective learning environment. It is our purpose to protect the rights of each person in the school and to create an environment in which learning can occur. The school’s Code of Behaviour is intended to enhance our students self development. The Code provides the framework within which each student may formulate value patterns and standards of conduct which are Catholic in inspiration and which are witnessed in the life of the total school community, staff and support personnel.

Our school community seeks to promote the building of self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others, self-discipline and positive attitudes towards self, peers, adults, authority and to move each individual closer to self-discipline. The school community recognizes that we all share in the responsibility for the development of the children in our care.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

John Ruskin  

School History and Tradition

St. Dominic Savio Catholic School first opened in 1999. Our school is named after St. Dominic Savio who was born in Riva, northern Italy, on April 2, 1842. When Dominic was still in his boyhood he demonstrated a seriousness of purpose and an intense devotion to the Mass and the Holy Eucharist. On the occasion of his First Communion at the age of seven, he formed the motto “Death, but not sin!” which was to become the mainstay of his short-lived life. Dominic Savio stands out as a hero of school-boy virtue, the shining model of classroom holiness. We can make many wonderful plans and set great goals for our life. Dominic Savio reminds us that we don’t know how long we have on earth and encourages us to delight in the wonders of life.