First photo, a family of parents and their children pose in the school courtyard. Second photo, a student lays his head on his mother's shoulder while they are sitting on the school courtyard seatwall. Third photo, parents and grandmother are sitting on the courtyard seatwall with their three children. Fourth photo, a group of parents pose with their students while droppping them off at school.

Parent Council

The Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC) may provide advice to the Principal and, where appropriate, the School Board on several matters including, but not confined to: school year calendar, codes of behaviour, program goals and priorities, budget priorities and extracurricular activities.

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in CSPC activities which include Fundraising (i.e., Fun Fair, Pizza Days, Walk-a-Thon, etc.), Christian Building Events and Charitable Activities (i.e., Food Drives, Toy Drives, Raising the Roof, Outreach Programs, etc.).

For further information on the CSPC and how you can become involved, please contact the Chair or any Council member.

Agendas and Minutes

For archived agendas and minutes, contact the parent council or school principal.