Left, three students in uniform listening in class. Middle, two students in uniform taking notes in class. Right, a student in uniform making crafts in class.

About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

As a community of Catholic educators, we at St. Louis School are committed to the educational, emotional, and spiritual development of each child in the environment of a Catholic school through:

  • Religious instruction, daily prayer, liturgies and para-liturgical celebrations.

  • Celebrations of the liturgical seasons of the year and important feast days.

  • Visible signs of our faith displayed throughout the school (crucifixes, religious statues and pictures, prayer centres in each classroom).

  • Cooperation with the parish team in the preparation of the students for the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist (usually in grade 2) and Confirmation (grade 8).

  • A code of behaviour which emphasizes respect for ourselves and for one another.

  • A safe arrival program which helps the school and the family to monitor the absences of their children.

  • Strong extra-curricular and co-curricular programs: primary house leagues, hall displays of student work, a junior choir, Christmas concert, and school teams for volleyball, soccer,  basketball, cross-country and track & field.

  • A school action plan developed through divisional and staff meetings throughout the year to meet the needs of the students in this community.

  • Daily and long range planning of the classroom curriculum by teachers.

  • A school -based support team and inter-disciplinary team which include the special education and teachers the guidance teacher,  assessment and programming teacher, psychometrician, principal and social worker, which meet several times during the year to discuss and recommend programming strategies for students with special needs.

  • Formal special education instruction for identified students.

  • Withdrawal resource instruction to provide interim or short-term assistance to students.

  • Guidance and social work assistance available to students and parents.

  • A well-equipped resource library.

  • Computers, both in the classroom and in the library.