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Parents, Good on you for checking in. Please visit this page regularly for updated info about what's happening at BPGF.

Our week ahead is pasted below:


 Upcoming dates  



Monday, June 27 -


12:45  - Roy feeding lunch time supervisors and a couple of parent volunteers in the learning lab




Tuesday, June 28–  Reports Go  Home

Bus convoy begins for Mass at St. Barnabas – 

Bus 1 Gr. 2/3, Gr. 2/3 and Gr. 3/4   Bus 2  SK/1 FI Gr. 3/4 FI 4/5     Bus 3  SK/1  5/6   6/7 (some  of the 6/7s might need to go on Bus 5

Bus  4 (shuttled) Gr. 8 with FDK    Bus 5 shuttled  Gr. 7/8 with FDK   Bus 6  Gr. 6/7 FI with Gr. 1/2


1:30 – Roy being taped to the wall….because I have nothing else to do, or so you know where I am?



Wednesday, June 29 - Civies Day


Whole School to Centre Island (Parents, if you have not been given a spot on the bus and want to drive down there, you’re welcome to do so – just know that parking is expensive.


Thursday, June 30 –Civies Day


9:10 – Final assembly in the gym

Pizza Day (moved from Wednesday)


3:30 – Happy Summer​