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School History And Tradition


St. Theresa Shrine Catholic School opened its doors in September, 1952. In that first year, many of the students who enrolled at our school came from St. Joseph's Convent School located on Cathedral Bluffs Drive. The convent school was closing down that year. The first principal was Sister Yvonne who had also been principal at St. Joseph's Convent. Many of our students had to travel by Greyhound bus from the villages of Highland Creek and Pickering, as St. Theresa was Toronto's most eastern school.


During that first year many exciting activities happened. The two blue spruce in our front yard were planted and named after Patricia and Paul, two first year students. Since there was no fence, a hedge was planted around the perimeter of the school, remnants of which still remain. In 1966, an addition, with a gymnasium and library, was added to accommodate the growing needs of the community.


Our patron saint, St. Theresa of Lisieux, is often referred to as the Little Flower of Jesus. Each year, after our graduation mass, our grade 8 students honour their mothers by giving them a “rose”. The feast day for St. Theresa is October 1st, at which time we have our first school mass. 
For more information about our patron saint please visit this website.