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Stations of the Cross - Tableau

As a tradition, during Lent, the grade 7 students participate on bringing the Stations of the Cross alive, in a tableau.  Altogether, there are 14 stations describing the journey that Jesus took up until his death.  The students have worked very hard on creating the tableau. It was a great experience being able to put ourselves into the shoes of those in Jerusalem. 

As always we would like to thank, Mrs. Ciufo, Sister Christina, Ms. Ferreira and Mrs. Wilson, for  guiding us throughout our preparation for this important performance.  We were are fortunate, as a school, to learn about our faith, and now we are acting it out, by putting it together in the form of a tableau.  ​

We would also like to thank Mrs. Logtenberg, Mrs. Lippa, Mrs. Carniello​, and the following grade 8s: Angelica, Jennifer, Meghan, Isabella T., and Luca for their time and patience with our costumes.

Many hours of preparation goes into this special prayer of the Church and we have told been told that we performed this important story of our faith with great talent, patience, and dignity.  It was a great experience for us as it gave a visual component on the Stations of the Cross. We hope all students and parents enjoyed the performance, and if you haven’t seen it, we strongly suggest seeing it next year.

The Grade 7 Students of St. Clement​​

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