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Vow of Silence


The Vow of Silence is a day to stand up and make a difference. Around the world, there are those whose voices are not heard.  They are the child labourers, the children who can’t go to school, and those all around the world, including our Northern Canadian Indigenous communities without access to clean water or healthcare.  They are even present in our neighbourhood, as they are students who are bullied at school, being discriminated against, or  growing up in poverty.  We take our voices and our rights for granted every day, but many kids don’t even have the chance to speak up.  Kids are denied their rights all over the world, as they are silenced. The Vow of Silence is a day when we will all be silent. Silent means: no talking, no email, no texting, no phone, no social media.


On Tuesday, March 27, all the intermediate students were challenged to be silent for the entire school day (8:30-3:30) and some even joined the Me to WE Ambassadors for the 24 hour challenge.  Some younger students, such as Ms. Tatangelo’s grade 3 class were successful in being silent for one hour.    During the school day the students viewed and reflected on readings and videos exploring many of these social justice issues.  


Many students raised $1 for every hour they were silent, with all the money collected going towards improving Agriculture and Food Security in Tanzania with  The total amount raised will be conveyed over the announcements and in May's newsletter. 


Thank you to everyone who took a silent stand, so others could be heard.​

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